Sunday, 8 April 2012

What does ten seconds before your death feel like?.

Not many people capture the seconds before they die, but Phillapino politician Reynaldo Dagsa did. This photograph shows his murderer Michael Gonzales taking aim, seconds before he shot Dagsa  three times in front of his family  on New Years day 2011. The family man stopped to take a celebratory photo of his family when Gonzales crept up behind them to take aim.
 Gonzales, a car thief blamed Dagsa for a lengthy sentence.
What does ten seconds before your death feel like?, judging from the smiles of his family, it is happiness.

From happiness to tragedy in a second caught forever on a digital camera.


  1. I'm a Filipino and I still remember this, oh man did they milk this story to the bone.

    But anyway, I can't really imagine that feel. I mean, who would honestly? Someone who was probally "clinically dead" and recusitated back to "life" could tell us how.

    It makes you think dunnit?

    1. Yep, i quite like those frozen time moments before something terrible or immense happens. The Universe is an odd place, we are on a cooling molten rock, spinning around a giant ball of plasma held in place by forces no one really understands, in a galaxy that is one million light years across. Which means light that travels 186 thousand miles a second take a million years to see the end of our galaxy. Scientists tell us that one of the theorys about why gravity is so weak on Earth, is that gravity may be 'leaking in' from another universe.
      We have atoms that on a quantum level are appearing in two places at once, what they call 'silly science' because it seems to make no sense.
      And the atoms that make me up, that make this laptop i type on are the same, just in a different order, all subtly vibrating like some very distant song.
      Fate to me is interesting, you might like the Pantera piece im going to post next.

  2. Wow, never knew this. Can't even imagine what that would feel like. A happy moment sucked away in an instant but a nut case with a gun.

    1. You never know when your number is up Patt , all you can do is live your life. The great, late Charles Schultz once wrote that he was laying in bed at night, wondering about his life and he turned to the ceiling and asked 'Why me?'. And after a time a voice whispered back ' I dunno', your name just came up that's all'.

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    1. Thanks Melanie, yes it is a pretty terrifying image. Everyone has the power to change things for others it seems.I have few images iv'e collected now of tragedy caught in a camera, where someones life is going to change after the click of that button.

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    1. Thanks, i tried your blog again but i still cannot get it to work,i can't work it out.
      I was looking forward to reading about your movies.Blog can be a bit of a pain though.

  5. things like this are quite common in the philippines i was told.
    it's a real pity.

    1. Sad, i read a few reports on crime in the Phillipines it does seem as though gun crime is disproportionately high, but things are changing. I wonder if they will ban handguns and things?. We did that in England and it led to less deaths. But illegal guns flooded in from the disbanded criminals in the I.R.A and that led to lots of drug turf wars. Well, gangs fighting over postal code rivalrys, the real drug dealers are the importers you never hear about.


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