Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Electronic Apple.

Pencil Crayon on paper.

Design for later painting.

Cultist drawing.

Pencil drawing.
My research in to the psychology and history of cults.
Jim Jones was responsible for the largest death of American citizens after 9/11, Jones a psycopathic cult leader established JonesTown in Guyana. With him as total leader, sexually and financially exploiting his followers.

After pressure form concerned relatives a United States Senator flew to investigate, to determine if the followers were allowed to leave. With the senator as support many cult members asked to leave with him.  Fearing a loss of his control ,Jones ordered those loyal to him to shoot them all, everyone else was ordered at gun point to drink poisoned Kool Aid. Babies were injected with syringes to ensure no one survived.

The UFO and comet and Omega symbol are from The Heavens Gate cult in which members believed through suicide they would ascend spritualy to a higher form of existance. Scooped up by a UFO hiding in the trail of the HAIL BOPP comet.
Great non exploitative doc on the JonesTown cult.

Leblon Beach.

Watercolour on paper.
Surrealism piece based on my fascination with Brazillian culture and history . Surrealists believed sexuality was a strong force in creativity.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Completed work.

Pencil crayon and ink on paper.

The work is transgressive and develops a narrative on the nature and exploration of sexuality and eroticism based on the work of the Czech surrealism movement and the collages and writing of Jindrich Styrsky.

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