Thursday, 12 September 2013

Noticeable trend in the highest subscribed You Tube channels.

You Tube informs me of channels i might like to subscribe to when i log in, and it led me to do a very brief investigation on who these subscribers were. They fit a physical pattern, all white, all photogenic and all American. All American is in fact a euphemism for  white and heterosexual
A lot of  the highest subbed channels are run by production companies now with the 'star' a de facto actor. With the most popular videos attracting millions of views , its not surprising that television companies would try and create their own personalities to sell the advertisements.

Work in progress....

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Transcript2. 'Talking shit on Facebook'.

''Ok, so I need to get a point across, because, ok- whew, im sorry my anxiety is through the roof right now''. ' 'Bitch, you need to shut the fuck up, first of all,i don't know who the fuck you think you are to be going around running your mouth talking all this shit, because you are a fake ass hoe, and, your asking us to eat dirt''. ''And you know what?, when I see you, this time I am not gonna' let you get away , this time i'm not gonna' let you just walk away and have you talk shit on Facebook''.
You think your all hard and shit bitch, because of your side kick Selina?
You guys are, I know why you guys are best friends, because your both fat ugly whores.
Selina, likes to flip things around about me and use all her stories on me, and say 'Oh Evlina got a train busted on, Evilina got busted on this and that'. The thing is bitch, you got a train busted on at a party and I know this because my brother was one of the guys, and it was outside and in the middle of the night and uh...everyone knows it too.
Sellina, your the biggest fat, no, I take that back, your the second biggest fat hoe I ever met. Mariza, your the first biggest fat hoe.
Just so you know, you should probably just jump off a bridge right now because nobody likes you, and the people who pretend to like you, who say that they are your friends, talk shit behind your back, or have talk shit about you already before you guys were friends. So get your fake ass away from your fake friends thinking that your the shit, because you can talk shit. It's not about if you can talk shit, its about if you can throw hands.

You think your all bad ass, because you beat some drunk girls ass?, Sweetheart reality check, she was drunk.
Um..what else?
Oh , and about the cancer.
You think your so funny going on and on saying 'oh she's lying about cancer, hope she dies of cancer'. Well thank you, I hope I die of cancer a natural cause not choking on a dick like you.
I hope I die of cancer ok bitch, I hope I don't die of aids, like you, like you gave my brother aids you nasty whore.

Oh yeah..calling me ugly.
Ok, bitch, I know im beautiful inside and out, I am a really nice person, so me making this video is a really big deal like since Jesus gave birth or like God gave birth to jesus or whatever.
But you pissed me off to the point where I just can't handle it anymore.

So here's how it really started.
At the movies, I went to the movies with Glenn Castro, right?
It was my first time meeting with him, he wasn't my man or my date or anything like that. I told him straight up at the beginning that we were just going as friends.
And let me tell you, as soon as I saw him, I wanted to run away, that motherfucker was ugly as shit, it was like beauty and the beast right there. And so , wego to the movies and he goes ' hey i'm going to get popcorn'. I was like 'ok'.He was gone like thirty minutes , and I go and I see him seeing him holding some girls hand. Um..i walked up to him and I was like 'what the fuck dude , you came here with me'.And I told Mariza straight up 'I, looked her right in the eye , look im not trying to have drama, im just trying to help you out because he came here with me'. Noooo, this bitch wants to roll her eyes at me and say 'what the fuck ever' and walk way. And I told her 'bitch come here, bitch come here' and did that bitch come here?, no she wants to chase after young Castro.

And then she decided to message me on Facebook after the fact,talking all this shit, telling me 'grow some meat on your bones', telling me 'that i'm flat'. Bitch!, you see this?, that's not flat, you see that?, Is that flat? I don't fucking think so you dumb whore . And you know what?, im not fat in the stomach to have ot have it either, im naturally curvy. So, for you to keep saying 'you need meat on your bones', thats just jealousy right there and jealousy is a ugly ass trait.

What else?
You think your gonna beat my ass?, really?
I mean I know im small and I know your like a sumo wrestler and I know you can fucking squish and break my ribs in two. But I will beat your ass to the ground.

Your talking about me having brain cancer?, I am so glad you think that's funny, really I do that warms my heart that your such a cold hearted, fat oompa loompa bitch get your ass back to the factory. tired of all this shit talking over Facebook.You think your so hard, you think your so cute, you think your so skinny,you think you got big ol' boobs and shit.You think you got a big ass?
Well come here, come down to Tucson, I will hook up with you any place you want. You give me the place, you give me the time, you give me the place. When, where..what time?
And I will be there, and then everybody will see how badly I beat your ass.I'll make sure its all over Facebook, I 'll make sure its all over Twitter, i'll make sure its all over YouTube. And you can fucking save this video bitch, because this is a promise, I will tag you, I will beat your ass to the ground. Don't doubt me just cos' im small.

Do I have anything else to say? Yeah!, stop using your mouth for dick bitch, use it for food.What else?, what else?, Anywayz your a ugly dirty cunt, and I hope you choke on a dick and die.And for telling me to die of cancer your gonna' get really hated for that.,Just so you know.
You have like a whole army of beautiful girls that wanna' beat your ass and they will. Because your an ugly skank and you pass around aids.
Ohhh lets not forget her twenty pounds of make up, I know your four hundred pounds but when you dress make up like this.
'Oh look I’m Mariza, lets hold our boobies out on Face book, its so classy of you, your right, your so very very right Mariza, I am such a hoe'
Because I can walk around with class and I can walk around with pants, and I don’t need a bunch of make up for guys to call me pretty. I don't need to show cleavage like you, and I don;t need to turn around and show my ass to get a bunch of likes on a picture or to get it a lot of attention from guys.
So you know what you need to do?, you need to shut the fuck up and you need to choke on a dick and you need to die.

I have been transcribing random  youtube  videos  for a while now , as well as porno films and news items. Still not sure where it is taking me, but it will lead to a fully developed series of works.

You can read my first transcript here at this link.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Rough movie calender design, part1.

Just an idea i am working on- very rough draft.

  Man...this is so interesting when i look back at the pictures i chose, that were initially intended to just be funny. Look at the images of women i chose, versus the images of men. This was all a subconscious choice. This culture is so subtle, it sneaks up.