Saturday, 21 May 2011

What is the proper way to display the Union jack.

I breifly toyed with the idea of setting up a United Kingdom version of Dredd Scott Tylers work but since we dont hold the flag or patriotism in the same elevated regard as Amercans the peice wouldnt work. An option to use religious texts in some manner  was considered but with the religious obscenity laws and fear of direct action i chose not to do it.
Im more intrested in the thoughts behind censorship and ownership of beleifs. land objects than the actual texts anwyay.
Ill post my prospective designs on this topic, as an edit.

'what is the proper way to display the american flag?'.

Im forever fascinated by some of the work of american artists dread scott tyler but it was his ’ what is the proper way to display the american flag?’ that was one motivating factor for me to consider obscenity and censorship as major themes in my studio practice.
In short the artist placed the United States flag on the ground in front of a visitors book and asked the viewer to consider wether they could stand on the flag to write a comment. Public reaction to this work is all covered in his website. And there are a number of magazine and blogs on this peice easily found.
(The link is to an interview with him).
(A great precis on the piece- nice safe site)

Related edit

Above is the work 'Piss Christ' by Andreas Serrano. A sculpture of Christ on the cross suspended in urine and photographed . Initially the piece attracted approval since the artist did not reveal what the crucifix was suspended in.  Later, when people found out, the work was attacked, vandalised and subjected to censure by the church, church groups and local moralists. On April 17, 2011, a print of Piss Christ was vandalized "beyond repair" by Christian protesters while on display during the Je crois aux miracles (I believe in miracles) exhibition at the Collection Lambert, a contemporary art museum in Avignon, France. Serrano's photo The Church was similarly vanndalised in the attack.
Serrano himself has stated the work is more about the cheapening of the image of  Christ in society, whatever your religious views, he was concerned more about the morality of having a man nailed to a cross being  tortured being represented in gold and silver.
For parity here is an interview with famous art critic and celebrity Sister Wendy who defend the piece.
If you have thoughts on censorship of art please leave a comment you can do so anon if you wish. Or if you require any more info on these artists, i am more than happy to help.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

deification . oil on wood panel 50cm by 40cm.

As part of my censorship theme, im intrested in the issie of deification, how it censors rational thought, often eliminating historical fact in the fervour to elevate someone to the status of untouchability. The people in the image are all symbols of questionable deification.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Google girl project analysis. Syllogistic conclusion.

Since the images that first appear when one types an adjective in to google are selected based on the number of hits each image acquires ,the most popular images associated with a word will appear first.
As one can see from this image edit:

Google images can be a intresting litmus test on the nature of  societys views on certain subjects. We can even say that the results are more honest than one would get in a survey. Because the assumed anonymity of the internet allows a freedom of movement separate from peer approval.

 I hoped that grabbing screen shots of the first ten pages of images would challenge the notion of these words and reveal how we view ourselves and others.
'Girl' was typed.
What was first apparent was how little there was of acutal images of young girls, no toddlers or images of playground toys. Instead there was a large proportion of images of women dressed in schoolgirl outfits, sucking lollipops or other infantalised behaviour.  One can argue that the reason women infantalise themselves in this manner  is  to play out a particularly male fantasy of taking  virginity , rather than alluding to pedophile fantasy. In my work on Max Hardcore ,

 i found he was convicted based not on him being a pedophile, but alluding to being a pedophile by making his adult models say on camera they were twelve.And dressing them in the same kind of outfits we can see the women in the images dressed as.
The images i think reflect the nature of patriachy, infantalising is used as a tool to dehumanise and all power structures will use propoganda to reinforce control. In typing the word girl i didnt come accross any images of girls in education or careers. What this indicates is the power of visual imagery and how that can effect associated cultural, sexual and political contexts.

I hope that you will type adjectives in to google and record what happens. 
These are the words i suggest:
Man, woman, boy, war, greed, fat, lazy, addict and rape. Indian, black, chinese and race.

If you make a screen shot i would be very interested in reading your conclusions or opinions. I can be contacted through this blog.

The collected screenshots can be found here.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Jubal Brown piece in the ny times.

Jubal Brown is a canadian artist, at the time of this article he was a student at the Toronto school of  art and design. He became infamous for vomiting on the works of artists he despised.
Im posting it because it deals with the nature of obscenity and censorship. There was a nature of self publicity in his actions.

Developlment of Eric Gill text peice and little lupe adult surrealism design.-subject to edit. edited 9/7/13

I developed this idea as an ongoing project. Little Lupe or Lupe Fuentes is an adult actress who achieved infamy for her young appearance. Which was exploited by the industry, emulating child pornography.There is no real reason for the hair bands and children' s clothing other than to sell the fantasy that she is a pre pubescent.
In fact there was a trial of a man who had in his possession Little Lupe dvd's whilst at an airport and was charged with child pornography. Lupe Fuentes had  to give evidence to prove she was over 18 during the making of the videos.

I created this drawing as a prelude to more work, setting up a series of words underneath that highlighted the issues surrounding the actress and the films she stars in. Balthus is a well known painter famous for his images of young girls in revealing poses.

Nabakov of course being the famous writer responsible for the novel Lolita.

Eric Gill was a famous sculpture who believed in the process of redistribution essentially the giving of ownership of parcels of land to the poor to allow them to work it.

Gill's political and religious beliefs did not pass over to how he treated others. He was a pedophile who raped his daughters and his sister and even the family dog. This all was revealed in his personal  diary's released  in the early nineties, which ruined his reputation. The diaries contained the thoughts and sexual experimentations of Gill who detailed every act and abuse on his family .

Paper sketches and emulsion on primed board.
size: 80cm by 50 cm.
Gill even writing that he discovered 'man and dog can be joined'.
Eric Gill invented a new type of font 'Gill Sans' . I took his 'g' and used it as a fnord in many of my text pieces.

I want to merge the two people, drawing a line between what is acceptable in art, and can you depict child nudity without it having the taint of child pornography around it?. I think this is relevant because we have a culture that exploits the images of children as much as it does the images of women. I am interested in transgressive art and historical negation, and hope to make pieces using these topics.
What do you think of Eric Gill, do you think we should ignore his work because he was a pedophile?. Do you think it is ok for the sex industry to use pubescent looking actresses?.
Id love to hear your thoughts you can do so anon if you wish , i always reply .

This work is in progress and i intend to return to this idea and begin a series of paintings.