Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Exhaustive collection of Otto Dix drawings.

Friday, 10 June 2011


(after Gloria Steinem)
If women were stronger than men things would change very quickly.
If women were stronger than men no woman would ever fear rape, or jiggle her keys at night as though that door she passed is home when a shadow leaps out of the alleys.
If women were stronger than men female circumscision would end, if men want to chop off their foreskins thats their business. But can you image a mother, who can bench press 500 pounds letting her husband take her son to  get his genitals mutilated?.
If women were stronger than men,  politics, that bastion of chest beating and genital waving would be calmer, more open. Women politicians would interact with their  own directly, and womens health would be top of the agenda. Womens fertility  and breast cancer would occupy the lions share of the health budget.Pro choice would be set in stone above the houses of Parliament.
If women ran the houses of parliament there would a female viagra soon enough.
and it would be free on the nhs, while men sit in waiting rooms, for the basic needs of their health, listening to women telling them they never had it so good. And didnt they, let them in to shops, let men work, let them have a living wage?.
If women were stronger than men, women would force themselves on men, and if the man got hard, then that proves he wanted it.
Of course being a liberal matriachal society women would set laws in place to help men, but their dainty, and they look so diffrent from the women. If women were stronger than men, women  would protect men , define their dress code, how they smell and feel about themselves. If women were stronger than men,  women would put nude pictures everywhwere, harrass men on buses and in clubs.
If women were stronger than men, mens products on looking good would dominate tv, women want their men to smell good, look good and act the right way.
if women were stronger than men.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

A few intresting nina schorr essays on art.

I have yet to read them but placing them on my blog gives me a refrence point. I had heard that her essay on 'figures and the ground' is worth reading.

dan witz painter.

I like Dan witz work, particularly his work on hoodies.Im reminded of Magritte , but on a human level he has embued the trope of hoodies with a humanity. Reminding us that beneath the armour of poverty is another person.