Saturday, 28 April 2012

Poke her hontas detail.

Washington the warrior protects poker-her- hontas while the carnival carrys on.

This collage of images came from my Tumblr live draw event, in which several artists drew according to chosen words.
Some of these images are familiar throughout my work, i have used the tumescent fox as a representation of that testosterone type of yellow journalism. Which seeks to elicit an emotional reaction and not provide facts with solutions. George Washington as a caricature of masculinity interests me, since he is feted as a liberal and an all American male , when he was a rapist of his slaves, and made the children work as slaves. He also promoted genocide against the Native Americans. Representing that and cultural theft is the created character 'poke-her- hontas', with her porn actress name and girls gone wild lifestyle and pseudo spiritual tattoo in a language and culture she does not understand. Donald Duck dives in to the World Trade Towers singing the famous Rapping Ronnie song.
. I like linking the idea of flags and symbols with advertising, all designed to sell us things we might not buy otherwise.
tThe ciggerette package imitates this lack of critical thinking.
The Trade Towers are at the centre of both conspiracy theorys which destroy critical thinking and distract from the real issues and also highlight the bigotry at the centre of the ensuing invasions. Above Donald is the Bin Ladens private jet, that was the only plane allowed to fly out of America after the attacks.
Above the towers a Menorah and a parody of the Danish Mohammed cartoons fight it out to see which can destroy the towers first, both cultures and religions being blamed and targeted.
The title 'circus' comes from Caligula's famous speech on how to control the population in times of dictatorship 'Give them bread and circuses'.

If you have thoughts of opinions on this peice, please leave them. I love your thoughts, you can do anon if you wish. I always reply.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Czech casting porn transcript.

To start with please tell me your name
My name is Sandra
Sandra how old are you?
19 on the 1st of August
1is of August, then it is soon.
Ok Sandra, are you from Prague or not, where are you from tell me.
I’m from Prague, I was born and raised here I’ve been here all my life.
Living all life in Prague, Born in here?
No immigrant, pure original, perfect good.
Tell me Sandra. Are you working or studying, what do you do?
I’ve just finished high school and I’ve graduated. And next year I’m going to University.
Economical school.
Economical? Do you like Economy?
Yeah, quite a lot and languages I’d like to study international business.
Nice goals, I wanted to study international diplomacy, but they accept very few people. so I decided for international business, Now , tell me about your hobbies.
Hobbies, well this is a bit complicated. Lately I had not time for hobbies.
Lately I used to compete in jumps for springboard.
Yeah that’s unusual.
But I had to stop doing that, not only cos' of school.
Health issues?
Yup, caused of my knee, I had torn a chord in my knee, and that was it. Since then all I can do is running, time to time. And I like hanging out in a pub with friends.
In a pub? Nice hobby for an 18 years old.
Well, you know I also like watching movies and going to the cinema.
Since them in living kinda' lazy life.
Well, you’re still young so why not?
Do you already have any aims in life?
Well for example, what do you mean by aims?
Like, whether you already have something in your life you would like to achieve.
What’s important for you so much that you’re willing to do something for it?
Well, I’d definitely like to… Dunno' have a happy life, and so on.
What does it mean a happy life? For everyone it means many different things.
Well, I dunno', I’d like to be financially independent. But I don’t need to be filthy rich and famous. I just, you know… I’d like to buy what I want without thinking about the price.
Financial independence, that is nice, that is exactly what it means.
(Sandra is now nude)
Let’s continue, stay like this, this is nice
Stick your ass out a little
Stick it out al little
Like this exactly, stay like this, your head toward the wall, wonderful ass, stick it out... We have to do something with it.
Do you have a boyfriend?
Soon you’ll have one, now hands behind the chair.
One of my boyfriends was 45 years old.
How did you meet him?
Via photographing.
And it was…
How long have you been with him?
About six weeks, it’s not very long I know.
We were very different, he liked me as a model, and then he invited me out for a lunch. we didn’t sleep together much, it wasn’t based on sex. He didn’t need that, Dunno’ why, in the beginning he liked to buy me clothes and all. He promised to be buying me a car and all that. That I’ll get an iPhone for my graduation and so on. Then it ended, I had enough of him because…
Because of what?
Cause every time I said opinion on something…like my personal opinion, I know I was 18 all my opinions weren’t great or ideal…they weren’t flawless. For every single opinion of mine…he didn’t say stupid or so. He tried to push me his opinion, like if his opinion was better. And he used to say I have limited perspective. So that was that…
That’s a good reason for a break up
Well the money isn’t everything.
It’s nice you realise this.
I need to see some materials of yours, so I need to see you’re at work. It should be three or four positions and a blow job, can you do that?
And now play with me.
Do it gently, gently, suck it gently, amazing, use your hands as well, you’re looking in my eyes?
Lick my balls, get lower, all the way down, and now lick my balls, don’t just suck, lick.
Now wet it properly and your hand too.
Amazing blonde. now let me see you from behind, bend your back properly.
Does it feel good?

I have always been interested in pornography and how it operates, particularly now we have the digital media. With porn companies becoming blue chip business and the internet allowing almost unrestricted access to any type of fetish or pornography , i thought it would be interesting to investigate this aspect of life that no one talks about.

The woman in the transcript is a model fromCzechoslovakia, she is hoping to go on to Uni, she is very  young, has done some modelling and wants to make some fast money from the porn industry. These casting sessions do not pay the model from my research. It is a fraud, they use her body and face and sell those images promising the model that she will get work, through the advertising of the dvd.

It comes as no suprise that pornography makes its money from the bodies of women, womens sexuality has always been, until recently controlled by men and social pressure.
While a few women have made a fortune and a business in pornography, the majority do not. The excecutives, and producers are uniformly men who use young, naive women for a short period to make lots of money. A woman can earn a fairly high amount, if she works regularly up to 50-100, 000 a year, but those amounts are rare and being ripped off is common. As is the abuse, physical and psychological on set.

Everyone makes money from pornography, mainstream business certainly do

 And we do not have to look far to see ex porn peformers saying that the industry damaged and ruined their life.
Interesting that a lot of them ally themselves to the Christian right wing, who seek to control womens bodies as much as the porn industry do.
(safe website). Lubbens interview about he expereinces are certainly disturbing and tally with what i have read about the industry.

So, should we be against the pornographic industry?.
It certainly treats women badly, both in their re numeration and the wider issue of self image for themselves and society as a whole. In an age in which the right wing are trying to take apart womens advances should we then offer the same attack for the porn industry. Does it damage women as much as the right wing mysoginists?.
I am not against sexuality or the expression of it in film book or art or music. Im just interested in peoples view of this largely unregulated industry that makes it's money from womens bodies and is run by men.

I'd love your thoughts on this, if you have opinions i will always reply.
Leave anonymously if you want.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Bacho Bazi summer deal special.

Bacho Bazi is the Afghanistan practice of taking young boys from deprived circumstances and training and dressing them to be dancers. They wear traditional feminine clothes, make up and dance suggestivly. They are also sex slaves, child prostitution is rife in deprived countries. More so the trade of young boys in countries where there is  a separation of the sexes.
Dyncorp is a multi national corporation that operates in these countries, it is a government contracted company, working with the American military. It claims to aid the army in development in the municipal area, agriculture, supporting and training local police, aid work and education. In short it is a mini government, something these corporations are becoming more and more.
Dyncorp like Blackwater, like Knightrider and many other military contractors are rife with abuse, fraud and corruption against both the American government and the population and country they operate in.
Twice now Dyncorp have been fined and charged with procuring child prostitutes for local government, police officers, and politicians in Afghanisat, Bosnia and Latin America.
On top of being child prostitute pimps Dyncorp are also drug dealers

While child prostitution is not unkown in the West and, indeed happens at the top of society along with all the other dirty, filthy corruption our social , religious and political leaders engage in.
Ex British Prime Minister Tony Blairs links to Middle Eastern Oil companies.
 Rape in the modelling industry right at the top

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Eve Teasers revenge.

I read a few articles on Eve Teasing. Which is harrasement of women on public transport and out in public by men. The term is biblical, blaming the woman for the eviction from Eden. But the teasing term, suggests, and gives the predators a chance to laugh it off as 'just a bit of fun'.
Not so fun if your on a bus and getting groped by some pervert.
I was interested in reading about how women are treated in Egypt, the level of sexual harassment is astonishing. With girls as young as 12 being groped, and this being fairly common.
In my reality, the woman being touched responds with outrage, invading his personal space and removing his anonymity. He is off balance, looking more pathetic, while she is on the assertive.

I will say sexual harrasment is not particular to Egypt or India, but in the West we have specific laws in place to counter such  behaviour, though they are heavily slated against women. The reason i cited those two countries is because the prejudice against women is egregious. Though things are changing with women taking on the perverts and pushing for social change.
article on Eve teasing
Al Jazeera article on womens rights in Egypt.

This kind of thing is cultural and the only way things change is when the group being persecuted seeks political action, running for office, protesting and campaigning. Which takes time and commitment and leaves you open to attack.
Anything that you have right now, your civil rights, your right to have a weekend, your right to be paid fairly, all came from people who protested and campaigned. The true heroes of any society are those who seek improvement for others at the cost of their own safety and personal lives.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mother Therea sips Special Brew with Charlie Brown.

 Theresa sips special brew with Charlie Brown while wondering about her faith. Above her the molecules that make up the air we breathe are all that can be seen. Special Brew is an alcoholic lager in England, it is stronger than whiskey . It's presence on the drinks market has been criticized many times since it's main purchasers are alcoholics.
Theresa expressed atheist doubts, and wrote many letters saying she felt an emptiness and doubted there was anything larger.,9171,1655720,00.html
Writing a series of confessional letters over her life she wrote 'call, I cling, I want … and there is no One to answer … no One on Whom I can cling … no, No One. Alone … Where is my Faith … even deep down right in there is nothing, but emptiness & darkness … My God … how painful is this unknown pain … I have no Faith’.
Charlie Brown was created by Charles Schultz, Brown was  the ultimate loser, a perpetually depressed boy who never got to kick the football of life and watch it soar. Schultz explored various political, social, religious and philosophical ideas with his Peanuts characters. He also heavily addressed the nature of personal happiness.
I would hope to change this a little from its original design and paint it.

Monday, 9 April 2012

The Chris Brown Beat down Board game TV spot.

Ike Turner and Charlie Sheen present a nut bush of a winning idea to celebrate domestic abuse survivor Rhianna getting back with the guy who kicked her ass so hard she screamed for help to the cops. The purpose of the game is to start the timer, and try to roll a six as Rhianna has to keep one step ahead of Mr Browns fists and excuses. Whats that?. You rolled a five?.
Looks like someone is walking in to a door tonight.
The 2012 Grammy performing ass kicking singer has twelve hilarious excuses recorded that provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.
Your son will love knowing its cool to smack his girlfriend about, because his idol does it too. Your daughter just might learn the handy survival skills from this game when her low self esteem and mixed messages from celebrities lead her in to her own real life Chris Brown lifetime adventure.
Charlie Sheen head comes free, with the option of going through those fashion and celeb magazines to find his Rhiannas. Old Charlie has beaten up a fair few women in his day, so you can bond with your kids while finding his old victims.

The manufacturers reccomend recording some screams from popular horror movies like Silence of the lambs and playing those as a separate track when Chris catches up to Rhianna. This adds a new depth to the game , were all about interactivity.

Have hours of fun, living the life of these celebrated women beating celebrities

Chris Brown Beatdown Boardgame.

Ike Turner enterprises presents:A Charlie Sheen designed product for all young men to enjoy.
The Chris Brown beatdown boardgame.  Start the clock and watch as the grammy performing woman beater shouts out twelve of his most pathetic excuses why he hits women.
The trick is to keep the tiny Rhianna model one step ahead of the clock by rolling a six. If you get round the board ahead of the clock you win and Rhiannas self esteem goes up, and no mixed messages are sent to teenage fans.
The game also comes with a separate Charlie Sheen head ,and you can have hours of fun cutting out all the images of  the five or so women hes whalloped and making them in to models for Charlie to chase, fists clenched around the board.
Great fun for the family, it also doubles as an alarm clock, but no one listens because the voice is famous.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

What does ten seconds before your death feel like?.

Not many people capture the seconds before they die, but Phillapino politician Reynaldo Dagsa did. This photograph shows his murderer Michael Gonzales taking aim, seconds before he shot Dagsa  three times in front of his family  on New Years day 2011. The family man stopped to take a celebratory photo of his family when Gonzales crept up behind them to take aim.
 Gonzales, a car thief blamed Dagsa for a lengthy sentence.
What does ten seconds before your death feel like?, judging from the smiles of his family, it is happiness.

From happiness to tragedy in a second caught forever on a digital camera.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Jesus on a hot cake

Pencil layout for Good Friday piece.
In the centre we have Jesus Christ emerging from a hot cross bun, to his right is the Eater Bunny, and at the left is a shocked customer.
This piece is about a lot of themes, but the idea of people scoffing chocolate eggs and hot crossed buns while a man being tortured and murdered gives us a day off work seems worth investigating. What are you doing on the Easter break?.
I will either ink this, or layer it with pencil and correct the major errors.
Apologies for the camera flare.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

All your illusions. Illustrated poem.

Made this illustration based on the poems of
I drew forget me nots, with the ying yang symbol, since she writes a lot about her past and present. In that vein i also included symbols of fate from other cultures including Baron Samedhis veve (he is the Haitian God of death, but also change and renewal), the celtic rings, the four pillars of Islam among others. I drew the poet thinking of love, with a lover she described in the forgeround. The woman laying baack surrounded by plastic cups and tiaras was lifted direct from her poem, i contrasted her view that this was a childish view of love with the image of a curvy woman. I am always interested in why the human heart is spoken as a  source of emotio, when in reality all emotion is expereinced in the brain. But if im going to draw the heart, i draw it as it is, not as a cartoonish love symbol, but as a strong muscle, full of life.Like we are.
I tried to make the illustration hopeful, and positive .
I am thinking of painting it.

Does anyone think i put too much detail in?. How is the imagery?.
Thank you for leaving comments.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Getting ripped off.

I am fairly sure anyone who has worked in freelance will be familiar with being taken for a ride. This has happened to me a lot of times. The kindly retiree who i spent hours on the phone with (at my own expense), who wanted me to illusttrate a childrens book about bears. After spending weeks on the drawings, in crayon and watercolour, at my own expense and scanning and emailing them to him. I waited for a response as to when he would send me the  script..and waited and waited. Phonecalls and emails were ignored and i assumed he was either dead or had taken what i had done for, initially, free and sent it to another artist.
Never do anything for free.
Unfortunatly i have this horrible habit of being a nice person,and do still do things for free.
I did a series of drawings for my boss and he promised to pay me. Money has yet to surface, despite the quality of my work.
I did a series of large crayon drawings for a community centre, working with loads of difficult kids with behavioural problems. Which believe me, is draining, when their fighting for the fifth time, or have drawn penises or breasts on the work. I never got paid for that, i didn't even get publicity photos.

People like drawings, they see it as a luxury, as a hobby. They do not see it as something they should pay for.

This rant came about because someone copied a drawing i did and posted it to their site, without asking me, or linking me or identifying me as the artist. This is really frustrating, because i am not rich , i am poor. And any sales i get are hampered by this lack of awareness of artists rights.

On a more positive note, i got an extension on my dissertation which means i might get a higher grade after all. My tutors still hate me, and it looks like when i finish ill be back sleeping in my freinds spare room in the ghetto, but if you hate your life....change your life.
And on that note, im going ot watch one more episode of Eastenders and bed.