Tuesday, 17 April 2012

The Eve Teasers revenge.

I read a few articles on Eve Teasing. Which is harrasement of women on public transport and out in public by men. The term is biblical, blaming the woman for the eviction from Eden. But the teasing term, suggests, and gives the predators a chance to laugh it off as 'just a bit of fun'.
Not so fun if your on a bus and getting groped by some pervert.
I was interested in reading about how women are treated in Egypt, the level of sexual harassment is astonishing. With girls as young as 12 being groped, and this being fairly common.
In my reality, the woman being touched responds with outrage, invading his personal space and removing his anonymity. He is off balance, looking more pathetic, while she is on the assertive.

I will say sexual harrasment is not particular to Egypt or India, but in the West we have specific laws in place to counter such  behaviour, though they are heavily slated against women. The reason i cited those two countries is because the prejudice against women is egregious. Though things are changing with women taking on the perverts and pushing for social change.
article on Eve teasing
Al Jazeera article on womens rights in Egypt.

This kind of thing is cultural and the only way things change is when the group being persecuted seeks political action, running for office, protesting and campaigning. Which takes time and commitment and leaves you open to attack.
Anything that you have right now, your civil rights, your right to have a weekend, your right to be paid fairly, all came from people who protested and campaigned. The true heroes of any society are those who seek improvement for others at the cost of their own safety and personal lives.


  1. Never knew it was so high in Egypt, that is just pathetic. When are men in general going to get a grip, not of a choice of words. But it is no wonder men get such a bad rap after such crap.

    1. Thanks Patt, a lot of it is to do with the emerging of cultural change, womens rights are getting more prevalent. And whenever you challenge the status quo you get attacked.

  2. Replies
    1. Things are changing though, i think a lot is to do with the Internet. Women and men are exposed to different ideas, that changes a lot. But sadly half the world is very anti women, and you thought the West was bad lol. Everyone check out her film reviews.

  3. This is very cool, the context of which I like and can relate to, but If I'm going to make any criticism I'd say make the woman's face a bit angrier/more outraged? And her eyes more focused on the guy, other than that, real good stuff.


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