Wednesday, 4 July 2012

My final degree show.

The theme of the show was iconoclasm or the destruction of revered objects, which ties in to my transgressive interests.
Sorry for the croaking rambling, im going to put a soundtrack on it. The drawings were transgressive, which means showing taboo images to reveal a hidden truth, well in its most simplest form at least. The painting reads 'Conchie Cola' and is a reference to 'conscientious objectors' conchie was the shortened invective used at the time. Cocoa Cola uses armed gangs to supress union rights in South America where most of our cheap soda comes from.

The huge bit of metal with nails in it, is not some Ikea disaster, but my peformance peice. In which i dressed up as Max Hardcore the gonzo pornographer and talked about sex in art.
I have a transcript of the piece though sadly no actual footage if anyone is interested.

I think i mentioned the t shirts before. They were made on photoshop; Lewis Carroll looking up Alice on the internet, Che guevara as a homophobic rock guitarist, bacho bazi child sex slaves pimped out by international American corporation Dynacorp and BTK and Mother Theresa agreeing suffering is beautiful.

I ll be posting the close ups later.

Meantime thanks for looking.
I have been getting over food poisoning and i will be having a good moan about the people i share with who gave me it!
But ill try to make it funny.
Thanks for sticking with my blog despite my abscence.