Friday, 22 June 2012

Sorry for the delay in posting, ill be posting my degree show and my rant about my college experience in a bit.
Lots of pics and things.
And i suspect a bad joke.
For example.
(dont reaad this next bit if your under 18)
what does a homeless woman use as a vibrator?/
two flies in a bottle.

im sorry, ive shamed this blog, don't leave me.

Friday, 8 June 2012
I will be casting live at Monday  11th  July 3pm English time my peformance piece.
The Max Hardcore stendahl syndrome auto destructive reversal act'.
This is for my final degree show, so you can tune in and watch me make a hash of it.
Please drop by. 

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Too much too young?. edited 9/7/13

I was watching this video about the commercialisation of childhood and how marketing companies are targeting girls at younger and younger ages, promoting a much older lifestyle at them. 
This video shows very young girls in adult bathing costumes, the bikini being designed for a womans body past puberty. Should young girls be encouraged to wear bikinis?
While i don’t think its some pedophile conspiracy, i do think that greedy amoral marketing companies and the greedy amoral business behind it know a good thing when they spot it. And children are the least able to resist marketing , and their parents being targeted through the children through ‘pester power’.
Should young children particularly young girls be exposed to this level of marketing?
In the nordic countries advertisement is banned for young children, allowing them a level of childhood we don’t give them in the rest of the west. Of course they can connect to it through the internet, but not having it on television and in magazines seems to be a good thing.
Do you think these outfits are ‘too adult’?

 I placed various different ages  of swimwear and also the infamous cheeta bikini as created by actress Liz Hurleys fashion range, next to an adult model wearing a similar design.

What do people find disoncerting about a young child wearing a two piece swimwear?

Work in progress since i am still reading articles on the net, watching docs, formulating opinions on this issue.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Degree show art framed and ready for hanging.

Degree show art, framed for my final year show. The art was developed from my theme of iconoclasm. The four images work with icons of culture and history or those wishing to become icons, and examine them in an adult surrealist light.

The first image is of Che Guevera, i super imposed his head on to the body of a rock musician , replicating the hysteria surrounding the image of this man, in which surface adulation is everything. The words under his guitar read 'Death camp for homos'.
Which could be a song title, but was actually part of Gueveras ideology.

The second image is American military contractor Dynecorp. Which operates in the field of nation building, a lucrative area now. American military starts a war, industrial complex earns a fortune in supplying bombs, ammunition, food and other resources . After the devastation, the nation building companies and private military contractors who are supposed to protect American civilians in their repairing of the countries infrastructure. Dynecorp is one an egeregious example of the corruption in this system.
They deal drugs , supply children to pedophilic politicians, bribe, steal and lie. Costing the taxypayer many millions of dollars.

Third is the American serial killer B.T.K, set next to Mother Theresa.
I wanted the viewer to wonder who the quote was attributed to, it was in fact Mother Theresa. An intelligent search in to her life will find both had sadistic views on the suffering of others, and both were corrupt.

Fourth is the author of Alice In Wonderland , Lewis Carroll. I wondered what he would be doing if he were alive now and it seemed to me he would be stalking the object of his obsession, Alice Liddle.
Carroll took many pictures of young girls in various states of undress and proposed marriage to the eleven year old Liddle, disturbing her family so much they banned contact between the two.

This work is in progress.