Friday, 30 December 2011

For matters pertaining to parasites, pests and virus.

I quite like this idea and intend to return to it with a painting.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Och an Orange that razors my dream.-Rough edit. (no sound track).

This is a rough edit of my developing interest in video editing as a means of communicating my ideas and themes. As yet i have to learn how to add a soundtrack. I wanted to use itunes , but they require complete registration of my bank details including security code and i am not prepared to do that, nor should you really. Once i have learned to rip soundtracks i will add appropriate music. Please come back for further edits. Email me if you have questions. Thanks for watching. I cannot add this to yt, because of the Tanner Mayes clip, even though i was carefull to edit any nudity out i was advised to not upload. It is an irony that the images of urban violence are all  yt rips. Exploitative tittilation of womens bodys which encourages a juvenile and dehumanising approach to women is fine as is extreme , graphic violence devoid of explanation or context. But female nudity is threatening, apparently. Male nudity however, if unerect is acceptable and seen as comeidic. I am thinking of writing an essay detailing the historical genesis behind this dichotomy, which i may post to this blog.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Lakme and Calisto have to serve.

I am a big fan of Delibes Lakme.
The opera is about a young soldier Gerard  who begins a romance with an Indian woman, later he leaves her for his western fiancee. A lot of people say it is really about lesbian love. The duet itself is sung by the heroine Lakme and her servant Malika. It is set by a river, where they take a bath. The bathing women are observed by tourists and the soldier. This is interpreted in a modern way as the male gaze, the  woman are presented as the exotic 'other' for the titillation of the viewer.The operetta is full of illusions as they bathe together , such as 'plucking flowers', 'flowing waters' and the 'nous appellant ensemble' or 'calling us together' .Caliso is a nypmh who was raped by Jupiter or Zeus ( depending on the reading) she became pregant and was turned in to a bear, later she was about to attack her son. But was transformed in to stars by the gods. All myth is metaphor I support gay rights.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Get out of my racial

I developed this work by chance, the genesis was hearing someone on the bus refer to their hand as having a black mans pinch. It allowed me to ponder the history of assigning racial terminology to generic actions or objects. I wonder how to apply our own perspectives to the objects that surround us.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Some of my work going in to my portfolio. The article is a reversal and therefore an ironic attatchment to Metzgers auto destructive art. The nails were borrowed from Uecker’s  examination of art as furniture in the 70’s. The M is designed to look like Brancusis endless column and the title meat is a pun based around my previous work on that work. It is a work of contrasts , developed to examine carious art movements which themselves were examinations of other work. This kind of work is sometimes called an ekphrasis.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Different coloured puppet. Negonym a negated hononym.

There was a childrens television show called 'Sooty and Sweep', a puppet show now long gone. But i was interested in the  puppet named 'Sooty'. Sooty being an old fashioned bigoted term for someone of black descent . - article on the 'Prince Of Wales' calling a polo chum a sooty.
I read in the papers that some people campaigned to change the name of the puppet, since Sooty has negative connotations. Sooty and Sooty now become a hononym. That is, a word that has different meanings but pronounced  and written the same.
Something that interested me, as an artist i was interested in how a word created as a name for a puppet bear in the 1950's can now be looked upon as racist in 2000 +.
And the censorship of words that gradually are being removed from our lexicons.
Another racial orientated hononym might be spade and spayed. In England we 'call a spade a spade', but this has fallen out of use now due to its racial connotations.

I am researching if there is an actual word for a racially orientated hononym and if not, might i created one and claim it. If not i intend to propose 'Negonym' that is 'a negated hononym'.
In any case this painting is a working through of these general ideas,

Thanks for the high views on this artwork. This post is in edit and i will add a more detailed explanation as well as new work on this theme.

Thank you for reading , if you have comments please leave them i always reply.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Oliver stone ski's with his brand name protege.

This text piece came from an interview of Oliver Stone by Russel Brand, in which the self promoting comedian compared himself to Rasputin. Mr Stone was somewhat dismissive of Brand, saying that he had never ski'd naked and on cocaine.  Correcting him on the term 'Arriviste', which was a backhanded compliment. I found it amusing that Brand saw being called this a compliment, as well as being compared to Rasputin.
The initial theme was about ego and personality worship.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

kindly kinseys pedophiles

This piece is available as both a print and i can reproduce as a painting on canvass in oil, in a style and colour to your choosing. Please gmail me for more information.
A little bit about the work:
I initially read about Dr Kinsey and his research in to the sexual habits of America, and was fascinated and disturbed to find he also did research on pedophiles. Kinseys pedophiles or one in particular  were in constant contact with him, with the doctor challenging him to keep detailed notebooks on the children he abused. Kinsey even was found to warn the abusers to avoid the police and choose their targets carefully.
This is an interesting youtube video on this topic.

Honore Fraganord was a french painter specialising in the rococo style, but he also made a secondary living painting 'broken pitcher' paintings. Which were effectively paintings of young women who had lost their virginity, the paintings contained nudity and were sold as morality pieces, but really were just an excuse to show nubile flesh.
The link is to a website with a few paintings showcasing broken pitcher paintings.

Henry Scott Tuke was an early 20th century  British painter  specialising in paintings of young men and seascapes. His work is often subject to homophobic censure which brands him of being a pedophile
The link is to a blog that details the case.
Sunny D or Sunny Delight is a childs orange juice marketed as a healthy alternative to natural orange juice. It is heavily sugared and has come in to criticism from parents groups.

The Sunny D is of  course a metaphor for the blandness and child like thinking that occurs when we deal with the issue of protecting children. And the scapegoating of art and of people when emotions and logic conflict.
Please message me or leave your thoughts in the comment section, you can do anonymously if you wish. 

Thursday, 10 November 2011

We are a left of centre country, objective polls routinely show this.

As a population we want healthcare, education and pensions paid collectively by the tax payer. In germany people on unemployment are paid a living wage. This eliminates the stigma of unemplyment allowing the recipient to seek work, buy smart clothes, pay for travel.
It reduces the burden on the taxpayer in the long run by eliminating the deleterious effects of  poverty on the health system
It is no suprise that Germany has low unemployment and an economy that is doing well despite the recession.

I wonder if there is something to be noted, that the country's that have social conscience are not run by aristocrats.

left of centre.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

teetotal sum of things.

Windows media
I am teetotal as of yesterday, i wonder how social situations will be now i am no longer able to liquidate my anxietys.

Sunday, 9 October 2011


windows paint 10/10/11
I based this fictitious leaflet on a series of backstreet abortion flyers from South Africa, printed by what i am assuming is not a medical doctor, though he is using the term 'Dr Success'.
The grammer is intentional. And the number is lifted straight from the original flyers.
I created this piece in response to the challenge recently to have religious advisor's replace trained counsellors in sexual health clinics.

Below is a link to the original flyer and the photographer to took it.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

'Bill Hensons court of public opinion'-nsfw-subject to edit.

The genesis of this collage came  about because some of my work was vandalised by a student. This shocked me, and i wondered about the history of censorship and why people choose to engage in direct action rather than dialogue. Below is one of the painting that was vandalised.


In my research of censorship, i found most disruption of an artists work comes from small independant protest groups. Like the National legion of Decency  and the Catholic Legion of Decency, a hugely powerfull protest group from within the American Catholic church. It brings me to one of the areas of interest in my art, what if 'offensive' and what is art. And do people who are offended, have the right to stop other adults from being exposed to it.
Bill Henson is a photographic artist whose images of adolescents are beautiful and troubling, and deal with the transitions we find ourselves in whether adult or child.

Since he sometimes photographs them in states of undress people have accused him of producing child pornography. He has had shows stopped and work seized, but in court his art is always accepted as art and not as pornography involving children.
In investigating this case, i found the same tabloid newspapers that condemn art that shows images of children, show in almost every issue images of teen stars in bikinis, in states of undress. They use a fake moral concern in order to justify leering over images of teenagers. This hypocrisy was something i wanted to explore.
The woman hovering over the chaos is the journalist Miranda Devine who without seeing the show itself started a campaign to have his work banned.
The links are to the case and Hensons work.
What do you think of Hensons work?. Do you think he should be able to photo images of children,even if their parents give consent and are on the set, what do you think of the journalists who sell papers based on condemning art they have not seen?.
Do you think we can look at images of children now, without filtering it through our fear of pedophilia?.
I would love to hear your comments, please leave them , you can do anon if you wish.

'Can you meet their eyes in your irony?'.

Poe's law comes in to effect when people wear Manson t -shirts.  And everyone makes bank on a cult who killed a pregnant women and eight others in the most brutal of circumstances.

This work developed from a flikr page i looked at in which a young woman proudly sported a Charles Manson t shirt.  Understanding the distancing nature of pop culture from its original source i none the less directed her to a website detailing the real facts of the case and its effects on the victims families. She felt that she had a right to wear the t shirt, and did not feel as thought wearing it meant anything. I wonder if she would wear a Hitler t shirt, or if a local rapist was released early would his face adorn her chest?. It struck me that she wore Manson not because of his crimes or those of his followers but because he fit the definiton of iconic. She wore it to appear cool to her peer group, which could be adolescent bravado, and the testing o societal limits. Paraded as he is on television constantly, with no context to the sadism of his acts and how it effected their relatives.Manson is a cartoon so there is no emotional connection, no empathy or understanding of what he did.
In researching this murder memorabilia i found a lot of money being made on the back of  crime and violence, with most of it fitting the definiton of exploitation.
As you can see from the collage, the people using Manson and therefore his victims, are often large corporations.

I will be designing a t shirt based on this art , hopefully without Manson on the front of it.

Personal piece: 'Wadsworth's life constant'.

Digital media 6/10/11
re-edited for size.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

'penny auntie'

axel rose is an anagram of oral sex. i wanted to include that as text in the work but im trying to limit the amount of text i show in these zine peices.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

This is a theme ill be returning to, there is always a nasty taste in the water when it comes to the depiction of people we don't like. We caricature them , rendering them less than human, playing up  their animal characteristics, this sublimates our empathy. Women tend to be on the receiving end of this throughout media, and i saw it a lot after the terrorist attacks in London aimed at the ethnic and cultural other. 

Thursday, 29 September 2011

my leader is my hiro

da da dont beleive the hype.

windows media 30/09/11
That shit cray
sho schwag
you feel me?.

Im working on a peice about language and its ultimate intention to allow us to share emotional connection, there is a lot of intresting things that happens in the brain and our own memorys  when we share ideas or explain events.
Im using information from the internet, they way people share ideas, is very intresting. The language used.
More research is required
till i can make allow a direction 

Sunday, 25 September 2011

What a beautifull little orgasm.

This piece will be printed out as a t shirt , should i have the nerve to wear it. Believe it or not but the depraved serial killer Dennis Rader and Mother Theresa have things in common. They both believed that suffering was somehow integral to life, and they both put the sufferings of others before their own egos. Serial killers and celebritys might have much in common, the shallow affect ( limited range of emotions) and of course the terrifying narcissim. Theresa beleived that suffering on earth brought us closer to God, her clinics were filthy and she re used needles. She thought poverty was holy, and she brought no joy to others in her ministrations.
Rader would have fitted right in.
She also supported brutal dictators who were seen as friends of the catholic church such as  Jean Claude duvalier of Haiti whose brutally repressive regime killed and imprisoned hundreds and brankrupted the economy. The  vast sums of money she got to help the poor she spent on convents to promote her own name and ego. Very little was spent on actually feeding,educating and clothing the poverty stricken.
Thelink is to a video called 'Hells Angel' which tells the true story of Theresa of Calcutta.

I think you all know who btk is, his narcissm and cruelty and desire to be a celebrity i found had links to Theresas corruption.