Thursday, 29 December 2011

Och an Orange that razors my dream.-Rough edit. (no sound track).

This is a rough edit of my developing interest in video editing as a means of communicating my ideas and themes. As yet i have to learn how to add a soundtrack. I wanted to use itunes , but they require complete registration of my bank details including security code and i am not prepared to do that, nor should you really. Once i have learned to rip soundtracks i will add appropriate music. Please come back for further edits. Email me if you have questions. Thanks for watching. I cannot add this to yt, because of the Tanner Mayes clip, even though i was carefull to edit any nudity out i was advised to not upload. It is an irony that the images of urban violence are all  yt rips. Exploitative tittilation of womens bodys which encourages a juvenile and dehumanising approach to women is fine as is extreme , graphic violence devoid of explanation or context. But female nudity is threatening, apparently. Male nudity however, if unerect is acceptable and seen as comeidic. I am thinking of writing an essay detailing the historical genesis behind this dichotomy, which i may post to this blog.

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