Saturday, 4 January 2014

Completed work.

Pencil crayon and ink on paper.

The work is transgressive and develops a narrative on the nature and exploration of sexuality and eroticism based on the work of the Czech surrealism movement and the collages and writing of Jindrich Styrsky.

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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Added more to the face.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Drawing in pencil crayon , and two digital jokes.

Lately i have been working on digital  jokes which at first glance are just silly one liners  but contain an element of satire. They are fun to do .
The drawing is in pencil crayon on paper- sadly the camera bleached the colours and left it looking flat.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Great article on the relationship between Bulgaria and Korea with an interview with Eva Floreva a cultural ambassador.

(the link works, just do 'open link in new tab).

If you wish to translate to English the translation is on the bottom of the website, easily found.

I found this interview very interesting, not only because it opens up the world and how people live in it, but, it addresses how people from different cultures can find inspiration in others , in other countries. The subject of the interview  is very talented and i was interested in how culture moves around the world, particularly with the internet.

+post in edit.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Hidden themes in The Wolverine, racism appropriation, orientalism ,war guilt, sexism, lotus flower.-very rough.

Having recently watched the new Wolverine film, set mainly in Japan a number of issues with the the film bothered me. One was the depiction of women , another was the way Japanese men and japanese sexuality was depicted. With the film linking violence and rape and misogyny to Japanese culture and fears of asian corporation influence over American values. Wolverine even fights a giant robot samurai in the heart of a Japanese mutli national, throwing it to one side, as he does any male asian in the film.  The posters offer some clue, also the Atomic bomb destruction of Hiroshima at the start.
Being curious about this, i decided to investigate further.
What could be going on? 
Is it just a  traditional  action with little to search deeper, is it genuinely racist and sexist...or is the director exploring something else here?
There certainly seems to be repeated themes and imagery which bears looking at closer.
In this post:
  •  i will look at the posters and publicity stills for the film . These often give a clue as to the films intent, since directors and producers advertise to audiences the key points of the movie.
  •  I will look at the film itself
  • the music
  • the script
and the directors back catalogue of films

Big Boy destroys Hiroshima as dropped by the Enola Gay.
Wolverine suffers the fate Japanese civillians suffer, being burned alive by an atomic bomb.

Wolverine as a drifter a 'ronin' a masterless samurai.
Wolverine and a bear: Kindred. Wolverine even slashes a tree over old territorial markings he has made, making fresh ones. The bear follows suit by urinating on the ground near a tree.
The bear is murdered by thoughtless American hunters who trash the forest and shoot the bear with poisoned arrows. Wolverine deals the bear a 'mercy kill'.
Later in the film Wolverine himself is shot with poisoned arrows.
At the end Wolverine deals a 'mercy kill' to his old friend who is wearing a samurai suit with bear like claws . What is he poisoned with?

This is an extremley rough draft thanks for looking. If you have opinions please leave them i always reply.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Response to my question on exhibitionism on tumblr.

Her tumblr was the only one, yet, to respond to my set question. Which was:
'Do you think the intent of the art changes if the mass of the audience use the work as a masturbation tool, rather than spending time considering the intent'. And does the work change, if the audience choose their interpretation over the artist'.

Well i was using artist as a loose term for the originator of the exhibitionism. Tumblr is full of nude blogs, mainly female who take their clothes off for a multitude of reasons. Some because their husband asks them to (caudalism) some because they find it empowering and sexual (exhibitionism) others still have an artistic or cultural exploration to mind.

So, as ever this is the beginnings of an idea i will keep returning to, chipping away till something happens, and i make art on it.

Hers is one of the more intelligent blogs, since she posts a lot about symbolism and psychomagic, so i was surprised she sees all her nude photos and masturbation photos as just an online journal. There has to be an element of exhibitionism in this, otherwise why  post online at all?
 And there is a large artistic element to her choices, it is far from random posting, but it is self exploration, i think. Certainly her blog aims for a higher purpose than just nude selfies. In my view anyway.

Anyway at the moment it is just general interest and somewhat formless.