Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sixty thousand views...

I just passed sixty thousand views unfortunately it is not monetised now. I must find a way to make some money off of all these people who seem to like myblog. Even if they only seem to look at the Marla Olmstead post. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Pantera's fate needle (syringe of Damocles).

'Pantera's fate needle' or 'Sword of Damocles'.
For a while now i have been interested in the idea of fate, explored by chaos theory.The band Pantera who had a series of linked events that can be used to look at the nature of fate.This is an idea i have been working on for a while but is still in the design stage.

Pantera were a death metal band, their lead singer developed a drug problem , this led to album delays.Finally he was kicked out, the album was dropped and the remaining members decided on a radical approach to kickstart their delayed creativity. Change the band name and play to smaller venues, let word filter out and try to win over fans who had drifted away due to the album delay.While at one of these small bars gigging, mentally ill man who had fixated on the band snuck in and shot the lead singer and several others.

I liked the idea of tracing back that violent attack to its genesis using chaos theory, the idea that one small event can have prolonged effect. The lead singer initially hurt his back due to jumping around on stage, leading to the beginnings of his drug problems which delayed the album.That injury could have been as a result of the wet stages the band performed on, those atmospheric changes could be traced back to local factories, government regulations. Or more abstract, the needle factory that produced the needles for Anselmo's addiciton, the plastics being created for the needle, the design of the needle itself, the engineer who created a faster better means of production. The chemist who created heroin,the farmer who grew it. One can go on and one becoming more abstract, fractal patterns of meaning, spreading out, all linked to three murders and several injuries on a small stage in a small rock bar in Ohio.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Frankie Lymon and the dictators. Video and digital: 2013.

Rough draft about the cult of personality, it was  a rough idea on paper that was given impetus because of the euologising in the media of Maggie Thatcher who was given an expensive state funeral in a time of enforced government austerity.
Dictators and repressive governments often try to tap in to a nations cultural history to justify a sense of destiny. Hitler did it, royalty do it. Art is often used as a blunt tool for promotion. Realist art has a huge part to play in the propaganda of repressive governments and dictators.A painting can have an enormous amount of power, we are referring to a portrait here rather than modern or fine art.Fine art and modern art tends to be underfunded and criticized under authoritarian governments.

++Work in progress.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Adult surrealist piece: Jim Henson with erections.2013 pencil on paper.- Adult. nsfw

Pencil on paper.
The work combines some of my themes using a movement i created called 'Adult Surrealism' invented 2010
I am very interested in censorship, the piece at its base level is about highlighting the hypocrisy of such a position. All the different types of censorship that exist in modern society and media.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Die Hand Hoch (The flag flies). Flag series 1. Pencil crayon paper-2013.

First bit of art i have worked on since finishing my degree .

The flag series came about with my long standing interesting in flags and symbols. Jasper Johns andFrank Stella were heavy influences in this series along with the low brow artists like Ron English (whose work is a transgressive dialogue on America). I  was interested in the symbols of domestic terrorist organisations. I placed Disney characters next to the flags to promote a discussion about this theme.
The title comes from the National Socialist anthem 'The Flag flies' by Horst Wessel and was also a famous painting by Frank Stella.
The flag symbols are: Combat 18 (a racist para military group started in England but has groups in Europe), Animal Liberation Front (with Porky pig), The Aryan Brotherhood (a racist prison gang), and The Golden Dawn (a racist greek political party).

These pieces will be worked upon and finally end up as paintings. Which in time i would like to exhibit, if anyone will show them that is.

Reason to celebrate.. Maggie is dead! She really is dead .

For all those who suffered under the immense cut backs of the social state due to neo liberalism the news that its figurehead, Maggie Thatcher died of a stroke is good news.

For me i could not be happier and i hope her laws and policies that made Britain a colder darker place, threw mentally ill people on to the streets, stabbed soldiers in the back after they served their country, cut pay for nurses, teachers, social workers while increasing hours. Privatised national services at great cost to the taxpayer, increased taxes on the poor while tax cuts for the rich increased. Destroyed our manufacturing industry, ripped communities apart.
Led us in to two crippling recessions that resulted in over three million unemployed (up to 20 per cent of working people unemployed in some cities). Started a war that could have been stopped with diplomacy ending with over a thousand young Argentinian boys dead and over two hundred British soldiers.And spent forty per cent of our tax on building two hundred nuclear missiles in a pathetic and suicidal arms race.

I could go on and on. But i shall end with a wonderfull warm quote from her that summed up her nasty, selfish politics and world view.
'There is no such thing as society, there is individuals and then there is family'.

Am i glad she is dead?
I am delighted.
Good riddance, rot in hell you old bitch.