Thursday, 11 April 2013

Die Hand Hoch (The flag flies). Flag series 1. Pencil crayon paper-2013.

First bit of art i have worked on since finishing my degree .

The flag series came about with my long standing interesting in flags and symbols. Jasper Johns andFrank Stella were heavy influences in this series along with the low brow artists like Ron English (whose work is a transgressive dialogue on America). I  was interested in the symbols of domestic terrorist organisations. I placed Disney characters next to the flags to promote a discussion about this theme.
The title comes from the National Socialist anthem 'The Flag flies' by Horst Wessel and was also a famous painting by Frank Stella.
The flag symbols are: Combat 18 (a racist para military group started in England but has groups in Europe), Animal Liberation Front (with Porky pig), The Aryan Brotherhood (a racist prison gang), and The Golden Dawn (a racist greek political party).

These pieces will be worked upon and finally end up as paintings. Which in time i would like to exhibit, if anyone will show them that is.


  1. The Goofy one is my fav, but all are great and congrats on being a professional artist too.

    1. Thanks, Patt, i shall be posting more tonight, if i can get this damn blog to work for me.

  2. Congrats sir, I like them but the ALF never liked where I worked:D

    1. Thanks, their nutcases. I think half of them are in jail there was this gerbil farm in Sussex or something they bred them for laboratories. ALF vandalised their property, cut break lines ect then when that wasn't working. They stole the corpse of the familes grandmother and refused to give it back. I think they still have it hidden somewhere, though that particular group is all in jail.


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