Sunday, 21 April 2013

Frankie Lymon and the dictators. Video and digital: 2013.

Rough draft about the cult of personality, it was  a rough idea on paper that was given impetus because of the euologising in the media of Maggie Thatcher who was given an expensive state funeral in a time of enforced government austerity.
Dictators and repressive governments often try to tap in to a nations cultural history to justify a sense of destiny. Hitler did it, royalty do it. Art is often used as a blunt tool for promotion. Realist art has a huge part to play in the propaganda of repressive governments and dictators.A painting can have an enormous amount of power, we are referring to a portrait here rather than modern or fine art.Fine art and modern art tends to be underfunded and criticized under authoritarian governments.

++Work in progress.

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  1. Very true, art can put a spin on people that are by in by fecked up and make it seem like they are oh so wise, yet really they are full of crap.


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