Thursday, 11 April 2013

Reason to celebrate.. Maggie is dead! She really is dead .

For all those who suffered under the immense cut backs of the social state due to neo liberalism the news that its figurehead, Maggie Thatcher died of a stroke is good news.

For me i could not be happier and i hope her laws and policies that made Britain a colder darker place, threw mentally ill people on to the streets, stabbed soldiers in the back after they served their country, cut pay for nurses, teachers, social workers while increasing hours. Privatised national services at great cost to the taxpayer, increased taxes on the poor while tax cuts for the rich increased. Destroyed our manufacturing industry, ripped communities apart.
Led us in to two crippling recessions that resulted in over three million unemployed (up to 20 per cent of working people unemployed in some cities). Started a war that could have been stopped with diplomacy ending with over a thousand young Argentinian boys dead and over two hundred British soldiers.And spent forty per cent of our tax on building two hundred nuclear missiles in a pathetic and suicidal arms race.

I could go on and on. But i shall end with a wonderfull warm quote from her that summed up her nasty, selfish politics and world view.
'There is no such thing as society, there is individuals and then there is family'.

Am i glad she is dead?
I am delighted.
Good riddance, rot in hell you old bitch.


  1. haha so are you really glad she is dead, I mean really? haha after all her crap, death is prob to good a fate it seems.

    1. Ha, and im not the only one. In England right now 'Ding Dong The Wicked Witch Is Dead' is currently the number one downloaded song. She is going in the ground on Wednesday i and everyone i know is having a big party.It's important to fight against the eulogizing that is going on right now in the media, that discounts normal public opinion of her and her policies that caused enormous hardship, poverty and bigotry.


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