Thursday, 31 March 2011

Great short film about the hijab in public places controversy

Im writing a short film myself about meat.Have to see if i can get some starry eyed drama students to star in it.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Pencil pastel advice.

Id reccomend anyone avoiding Stabilo, which im currently annoyed with, their too hard and crumble off the paper even on a deep groove card. Pencils are hard, the choice is dependant on the users style and intrest. I personally like to blend pastel and layer short strokes on top of that to define light and shape, like Renoir and Degas and Rego.

The stabilo screech accross the paper , and break easily, dont settle and half of the colour drops off when i breath on it. Also blending is a nightmare and no matter how light my touch i end up with a mud effect regardless of the colours used.

Ill be buying new pastel pencils later this week so i will review them. And edit this post more coherently with pics ect.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Monday, 28 March 2011

Personal statement.

My work is primarily concerned with the themes of historical events reflected in the sphere of art history. These events must mirror modern concerns, in using a modern context to explore past events we can further understand the human condition.
I derive a lot of my research from history books, fine art academic texts and a wide variety of literature including Satre, Bateilles, Genet, Camus, Kafka amongst others.

Im particularly intrested in confronting the dominant powerstructure of patriachy and how it influences our social movments, philosophy and art.

In my Second year i have moved away from painting toward college and paint influenced by the works of Blake, and Matisse, the photographs of Duchamp. But i intend to return to painting , producing a series of large scale realist paintings working through the themes i have explored with collage to produce finished, detailed peices.

Chomsky is an influence on my work particualrly my ideolect for dwg
 Here Chomsky is interviewed by several famous writers and artists who submit questions.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Beckham has landed.

Extroadinary footage of Victoria Beckham at an airport, dressed eccentrically, surrounded by a motley crew of publicists and bodyguards as though they are a political dignitary from some repressive state. 'Get back, get back' warns one bodyguard, arms stretched outwards to keep the 'huge mob' of three or four paparazzi away.
Its intresting, do we elevate these people to this position or do they engineer these  bizarre situations, fame seems to be as highly addictive to them as it is to us the viewer.
For the most part we can agree these celebritys are talentless, that is they have little that distinguishes them from the herd. Except a narcissim, which we feed .

Im quite intrested in the sycophancy that comes with the deification of these people, its almost as a replacement for the religious expereince. I have seen video footage of fans going in to St Therese style exctasys for people they dont know, can never know. And can never match the fantasy they have built in their heads.

Monday, 21 March 2011

'burger and breasts' prints.

Work based on reading 'The Sexual Politics Of Meat' by Carol.J.Adams, wich draws a link between the exploitation of animals for their meat and the exploitation of women for their bodys. This fits in with my studio practice about taboo and censorship. I am finding the technique of lino prints is dependant on thickness of ink and pressure and i have a lot of learn to get the image quality i want. Ill be posting more completed peices tonight.And more completed sketches.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Photoshopped design for Charlie Sheen peice.

Im not sure about this layout, the letters are hard to read, and in this photo his appearence is healthy. I need to find one in which he looks sickly to further re inforce the text.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Charlie Sheen rough draft

Very rough draft of an idea bout the Charlie Sheen farrago. Im not sure wether its because he is a convicted wife beater or an arrogant addict who plays his decline, to inevitable death , in front of the worlds media. But everyone is watching to see what Charlie will do next.
The text reads 'Give them bread, give them circuses' famously uttered with contempt by despot Caligula.
The finished peice will result from a series of drawings i intend to complete today at college. Im not sure if the final peice will even have Sheens crazed face in it.