Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Beckham has landed.

Extroadinary footage of Victoria Beckham at an airport, dressed eccentrically, surrounded by a motley crew of publicists and bodyguards as though they are a political dignitary from some repressive state. 'Get back, get back' warns one bodyguard, arms stretched outwards to keep the 'huge mob' of three or four paparazzi away.
Its intresting, do we elevate these people to this position or do they engineer these  bizarre situations, fame seems to be as highly addictive to them as it is to us the viewer.
For the most part we can agree these celebritys are talentless, that is they have little that distinguishes them from the herd. Except a narcissim, which we feed .

Im quite intrested in the sycophancy that comes with the deification of these people, its almost as a replacement for the religious expereince. I have seen video footage of fans going in to St Therese style exctasys for people they dont know, can never know. And can never match the fantasy they have built in their heads.

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