Monday, 28 March 2011

Personal statement.

My work is primarily concerned with the themes of historical events reflected in the sphere of art history. These events must mirror modern concerns, in using a modern context to explore past events we can further understand the human condition.
I derive a lot of my research from history books, fine art academic texts and a wide variety of literature including Satre, Bateilles, Genet, Camus, Kafka amongst others.

Im particularly intrested in confronting the dominant powerstructure of patriachy and how it influences our social movments, philosophy and art.

In my Second year i have moved away from painting toward college and paint influenced by the works of Blake, and Matisse, the photographs of Duchamp. But i intend to return to painting , producing a series of large scale realist paintings working through the themes i have explored with collage to produce finished, detailed peices.

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