Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Conchie coke.- rough digital draft.

Ties in with my Billy Butlins work that i will be posting later.  Billy Butlins was a holiday camp entrepreneur  who , during the second world war profited from internment camps in England. German citizens and people with German heritage were rounded up at gun point and held in camps. Facilities were limited and suicide was common as family's were not held together, were given no legal redress and no idea how long they were to be held. Conchie is a slang term for conscientious objectors, people who refused to fight based on morality. There is an interesting history associated with conscientious objectors, which i shall investigate on this post.
Butlins and English Holiday Camps.-edit `5/6/13
Holiday camps in England have a unique history, so it was interesting to note the first Butlins camp to be built outside mainland Britain in Ireland faced opposition. The Catholic Church who hold so much political and social power in Ireland thought it would encourage licentiousnes, until the company paid a 'tithe' (read bribe) by building a church for them.

The website is fairly edifying , it is interesting to note the British armed forced kept control of some of the holiday camps for years after the war using them as training camps, ones situated near the sea were ideal for the navy. In the late 1930's the British Armed Forced began a process of taking over holiday camps, since they were ideally situated for combat training and had facilities ready made for housing of troops. The camps after the war were given back to be used as the company saw fit.

Those that were not used for allocation of service members were used as internment camps for British citizens with German heritage and German born citizens.

This is a theme i will be developing, i hope to make a painting on this.-work in edit-sorry.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Does anyone know how to use message someone?.

I have a new follower Alyssa Merwin, i tried following her blog back but she has no blog shown. Then i tried messaging her to ask if she has a blog or something, but have to use Google connect. Which has yet to work for me and simply follows my blog not hers.
Anyone, have any ideas?.

*Ill be promoting those blogs who offered me advice in a youtube video.

Thanks if anyone can help

Sunday, 25 March 2012

(Of)fficer Fred shoots a woman for using birth control. Shot the slut in the baby cannon too.

I am disgusted and disturbed by the right wings attempts to turn back the clock on womens rights to safe and affordable birth control. I think we are on the edge of truly getting rid of these nutcases, if we only pull together and support each other. Vote from an educated perspective.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

my blog, got a ceaser do/ your blog needs a tweezer dude.

I want to improve my blog for visitors, make it nice and shiny new. If anyone has any suggestions about what i can improve, such as design and content.
If i use your suggestions ill promote your blog on my tumblr.
I get loads of views on that. 

Fearsome Mcdonalds worker and a woman kneeling

These are drawings from my sketchpad. The Mcdonalds ghoul came from watching a gruesome episode of Supernatural. The young woman was just someone who happened to catch my eye.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Musings on trolling and logic.

This is more for my own amusement than anything else, but it does show how susceptible people are to trolls, and how people don’t do basic research before commenting.

I grabbed a screen shot of comments on the Sister Wendy discussion (about the Serranno piece 'piss christ')
, because i noticed most of the comments, far from being about the video were directed at this character  ’amayagab’. Who comported him/herself by saying Sister Wendy was a sinner, the art was blasphemous and that the people watching are immoral. A quick check on the channels homepage , and a look at the background confirms that this is a troll account. Probably a part time troll, since they have other content up. The more sophisticated troll,  would have a channel identical to the real nutters.

I know that the people who comment on youtube a lot, are people who do it for all kinds of reasons, they often have no perspective. But i think it replicated how people operate logically in the real world.


If you have thoughts or views on this , please leave comments in my ask , i always reply.


Monday, 12 March 2012

Musings on celebrity death.

Heath Ledger showbizz doc on his life and early death.
I am very interested in eulogies like this. Why humans put people who died young and handsome (or beautiful) on this pedestal. Do you see how the private life (really only able to exist thanks to the internet) of the dead idol becomes public?.
So we begin to see these people , more times than we do our own family, they become part of our social fabric.  I liked how at 4:54 she referred to a tabloid as a ‘rag’ when the show itself is performing the same action. It could be personality based though, i have met Americans who love English culture and phrases.
But it is a false intimacy, we don’t know these people, we can’t know them, not only because they are dead. But the things we know them by, are media creations, salted by profit, marketing and sensationalism.
Marilyn Monroe is a good example of this phenomena. We all know she was not stupid by now, we all know she was a talented comic actress who performed well with the limited roles she was given. But we identify her as a tragic actress, but only because of the way she is presented to us.
I remember reading an article about one of the oldest women in France,she met Van Gogh. Describing him as cheerful and a good talker, not reserved and depressed.
Maybe what we are promoting,supporting is not the artist themselves, but instances of personality that we value in ourselves and in others.
Passion, love, laughter. When they die young we think they must have embraced life that much faster than the rest  of us. So we begin to value the important things in our lives that much more.
Is that the reason we promote these attractive young  dead stars?.


I am interested in fate, if this woman had left where ever she came from a few seconds earlier, if she had not swerved to avoid this man , if she had been talking on the phone and more distracted, if she were wearing high heels and could not move as fast, if she was with someone and held hands, if she carried shopping,...if.

I remember Stephen Fry once illustrating the notion of fate by describing an anecdote about this woman whose son had survived 9/11. She bought him a shirt as a gift, and on the day of the attacks, he took time off to return it, he didn't like the design. As her hand hovered over the shirts in the store, a  day earlier, choosing one that he ended up not liking, saved his life.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

What is the offence?.

I used windows media to superimpose an image of an overweight woman on to a billboard, adding the cocoa cola logo. The idea is to explore the nature of offence. It appears that we do not find tittilation offensive, when it is young skin .For example look at any advertising campaign and you will often see women in underwear, men stepping out from showers.   But we do not like open sexuality, and we do not like being reminded that what we look at are human beings. If a woman with this type of body is placed on a billboard, what would your thoughts be?.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Street art in Berlin advertising an art show .-subject to edit. re-edited 9/7/13

Interesting that you can put something like this up in Berlin and no police come and tear it down .
But, does something like this cause a disturbance to the psyche?. For example, if a child saw it, does it constitute abuse of the child?.
Will the child be damaged, or is the the parents reaction, and parenting skills that cause the trauma?.
Real life ads from the company are pretty open about their pornographic inspirations.
It is worth noting owner  Don  Charney is always in and out of court for sexually harrassing the models, four of them are suing him and he all but admits it in various interviews. This msnbc article shows his views on women.

What about geographical context then? A Titian, if placed in a public space would it cause controversy or does the historical distance give us an objective perspective?.

Is it porn or art, and do we care  because  academics tell us its culturally significant.

Carravagio's paintings of children, does our pleasure in viewing these images alter when we know he was a paedophile who kept a young boy in his studio as an assistant and model and had sex with him, perhaps the young boy painted here.

Look at these tribal members, are we offended by their old flesh, that it is so exposed or do give it a pass from an anthropological position.

Are you offended by nudity, is it male nudity or female or children's naked bodies?
Is it context?

Do we only pixellate out genitals on recent recordings of naked men?
Perhaps if its non sexual, or only because he is in a public space?

It gets muddled when we try to ascertain the rules.
Apologies for the hurried edit in this post- work in progress. Feel free to leave comments if you have them, i always reply.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

'Buried Treasure'1928 starring Everyready Harton (sic)-nsfw

The animated pornographic movie was made and produced by various animated studios in tandem, with each studio working covertly, producing the sections at night. .
Wikipedia ascertains it was made to honour the birthday of animation pioneer Windsor Mckay.
The main thing i find interesting about this film is the introduction of bestiality,  which though disturbing has to be a response to the Hays morality code which asked that animals wear trousers and female animals wear dresses (particularly cows). The racism of the time is manifested by the mexican stereotype.
These types of films show that the past which some naively believe to be innocent, of sexuality, predjeduice and corruption was in fact less progressive than our own.

I added my own soundtack since the film was silent, the low resoloution is due to the films ageandthe reproduction process.
I will be using this video in art.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

THE CUCKOLD PHENOMENON 2 :In art.-nsfw-subject to edit.

I am interested in the culture and history surrounding cuckold ism, both as an investigation in to the psycho sexual reasons behind it, and how this is represented in art. Most fetishes have an active art scene, which is viewed separately from the photographic representations of the sexual act. So what is going on?. The art must serve as another purpose. 

Isaac Cruickshank-circa 1800 'The cuckold departs for the hunt'.
In which we can see the ironic title, with a man under the bed, who is making the 'cuckold' gesture at the departing husband. This is a moral etching, not the pornography of later years.
Here we can see the man holding the baby, he is making the symbolic horns gesture, suggesting the paternity of the child is up for question. The man grinning, in the background suggests he is the real father. Pots and pitchers and ladles dipping in to them were sexual metaphors.Vemeer used them a lot.
Horns representing the cuckold. The male fear of raising another persons child and not passing on ones genetic material is an old fear in art. (researching artist)
And the modern version of the cuckold, latent homosexuality, the man tied up, impotent, but with an erection. He is a 'sissy' a man humiliated by the 'bull' who is having sex with his wife. The modern pornographic phenomenon of cuckoldism is very different from it's origins. Now the male is a willing passive participant. I have seen cuckold art that represents homosexual contact between the bull and the sissy, but mainly it is the white guy watching his wife having sex with a larger black man while he is humiliated, gaining sexual satisfaction from being dominated .
Pertinent to the subject is this amusing and educating website which details the porn habits of other countries.The website is very safe, and contains no nudity rather a graph that is highlighted as one drags the curser over the relevant country.
This post will be edited and added with conclusions later.
Apologies for the rough and ready feel to it.

Tree of knowledge.

This is the tree of knowledge, as we know Eve was punished for seeking knowledge, so the bible tells it. In my interpretation i see the garden of Eden as a negative space where ignorance rules, an, educational dark place. At the side of the tree, under the apple are the things Eve has gained from biting in to knowledge. She is educated, has learned new skills, and has control over her own reproductive process.
I prefer to see the Garden of Eden as a transitional period, one in which Eves biting in to the apple was an evolutionary and revolutionary act.

Ink on paper. 6/3/11.

Monday, 5 March 2012

An old song on a new flute-subject to edit.

This is a post i put on my Daily Booth, ostensibly i use this website to promote my art, but find it increasingly a great litmus test for popular opinion, trends and how people social network online.   the link to the daily booth post.
The man in the picture is Glenn Beck, who could work for the Ministry of Love in Orwells '1984' with no qualms. He is a bigot, and  is the current darling of right wing America, recently one can see him parading up and down in front of the American flag or the constitution, bawling his eyes out  about the indignity of having a black president.
This 'beyond satire' peformance has resulted in a series of memes ridiculing the man.
I posted it to see what peoples reactions would be.
Here is the responses.

I think this focus on everyone becoming 'caramel coloured' is an emotional response to distance the individual from their ethnic group that they consider racist. One often sees it in the white liberal generation that lived through the civil rights movement.
My own view is that it is a type of cultural regressive domination, the emphasis being that one must marry in to the dominant ethnic group in order to progress. This is not equality of opportunity, this is predjeduice.
In America native american women were encouraged to adopt white culture and have white husbands, in order to assimilate and 'breed out' the native american culture.
Black slaves were raped by their white owners in order to 'increase' their property.

Now we have cultural appropriation, which is not respect and understanding of other peoples differences but a commercialised, distanced and shallow parody of other cultures and people.

The act of crossing ethnic and cultural divides in order to have a relationship with someone you are attracted to is, of course, a good sign of equality of opportunity. But the idea of a culture of everyone being 'caramel coloured' is really about watering down what we find threatening. And is not true understanding of other people differences, and celebrating them. Our very survival depends on our diversity on a genetic level, it is the reason no disease will ever wipe us out.
Part of this fear is capitalistic i think.
To quote Mark Twain 'The real yellow peril, is gold'.

If you have thoughts and opinions, please leave them i would love to hear from you, i always respond.

Friday, 2 March 2012

In defence of minding your own business.-subject to edit

Just some fun one minute sketches. Playing around with tropes and cliches, bit obvious, but they were fun to do and it was nice to break out the pen.
The top image is a Marlon Brando impersonator, in one of his most famous films:
I found this interesting because the image of the biker, in the motorcycle gear has been fetishished and embraced by the gay community. This appropriation of a culture, with it's language and attitude is a means of dealing with those who would traditionally target you.
In the same way that women have appropriated 'bitch' and black people the word 'nigger' taking control of the means of attack and engaging with it on a cultural level allows a means of defence. Literally robbing it of its power to harm.
Cultural appropriation of those who normally target minoritys is very prevalent in the gay community.
Tom of Finland was a talented artist, known for taking the image of Marlon Brando, and drawing what was effectivley  gay  slash fiction .
I like the irony of the moustache, in England at least, once known to represent a type of masculinity is know identified strongly in the gay scene, meaning it's death among the straight population.

These quick drawings are only on the surface about gay rights, they are really about cultural appropriation, and the absorbtion of that culture in to another, which is what i find interesting. Normally such things are seen as patronising, such as in the case of the Halloween costumes.
But absorbtion of straight,very masculine culture in to the gay culture, who simply remove the violence aimed at minoritys and keep everything else, i believe actually frees up men and women from those old tropes that keep us defined in limited social positions.
Seeing a group take our cliches and exaggerate them, allows us perspective , enabling us to disband such narrow definitions of ourselves, leading to much more consideration of the individual.

Thank you for looking at this post, if you have thoughts i would love to hear your views.