Thursday, 8 March 2012

'Buried Treasure'1928 starring Everyready Harton (sic)-nsfw

The animated pornographic movie was made and produced by various animated studios in tandem, with each studio working covertly, producing the sections at night. .
Wikipedia ascertains it was made to honour the birthday of animation pioneer Windsor Mckay.
The main thing i find interesting about this film is the introduction of bestiality,  which though disturbing has to be a response to the Hays morality code which asked that animals wear trousers and female animals wear dresses (particularly cows). The racism of the time is manifested by the mexican stereotype.
These types of films show that the past which some naively believe to be innocent, of sexuality, predjeduice and corruption was in fact less progressive than our own.

I added my own soundtack since the film was silent, the low resoloution is due to the films ageandthe reproduction process.
I will be using this video in art.


  1. That's kindof weird haha!

    1. It's an odd one alright, just goes to show the past has similarities with our present. I have to admit when he got stuck up the guys butt i laughed.

  2. LOL was pretty screwed up, I really liked the fuck em all song though there at the end, never heard that before.

      That's the link if your interested Patt.
      Before the Hayes code animation was full of sex, Betty Boop (who was originally a dog) used to strip nude in the 20's. Of course they were appallingly racist too lol.They Hayes code helped get rid of that, and cruelty to animals, it had some positive elements...not much, but some.


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