Monday, 12 March 2012

Musings on celebrity death.

Heath Ledger showbizz doc on his life and early death.
I am very interested in eulogies like this. Why humans put people who died young and handsome (or beautiful) on this pedestal. Do you see how the private life (really only able to exist thanks to the internet) of the dead idol becomes public?.
So we begin to see these people , more times than we do our own family, they become part of our social fabric.  I liked how at 4:54 she referred to a tabloid as a ‘rag’ when the show itself is performing the same action. It could be personality based though, i have met Americans who love English culture and phrases.
But it is a false intimacy, we don’t know these people, we can’t know them, not only because they are dead. But the things we know them by, are media creations, salted by profit, marketing and sensationalism.
Marilyn Monroe is a good example of this phenomena. We all know she was not stupid by now, we all know she was a talented comic actress who performed well with the limited roles she was given. But we identify her as a tragic actress, but only because of the way she is presented to us.
I remember reading an article about one of the oldest women in France,she met Van Gogh. Describing him as cheerful and a good talker, not reserved and depressed.
Maybe what we are promoting,supporting is not the artist themselves, but instances of personality that we value in ourselves and in others.
Passion, love, laughter. When they die young we think they must have embraced life that much faster than the rest  of us. So we begin to value the important things in our lives that much more.
Is that the reason we promote these attractive young  dead stars?.


  1. Celebrity is overblown these days...talented people deserve recognition and reward...just not adoration and idolisation.

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    1. Thanks for commenting. Celebrity culture is our culture, but it's defined by magazines and now bloggers like Perez Hilton. We have to be conversant with its rules to navigate it.

  2. Promoting dead stars is just a way to drum up business, that is all it is, greed. People boo hoo over them like they knew them, which is stupid. millions die all the time, just because some rich guy/girl does, doesn't me one should swoon over them, like they were their best buddy.

    1. People buy in to what they think they are. Or look at Charlie Sheen a wife beating drug addict, thousands of people turned up to his shows where he basically ranted about how special he was.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for commenting. Celebrity culture is odd, people see them more than they see their own family. We see their faces everywhere, their lifestyles. They have taken the place of artistocracy who were once seen as being placed their by God.


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