Monday, 12 March 2012


I am interested in fate, if this woman had left where ever she came from a few seconds earlier, if she had not swerved to avoid this man , if she had been talking on the phone and more distracted, if she were wearing high heels and could not move as fast, if she was with someone and held hands, if she carried shopping,...if.

I remember Stephen Fry once illustrating the notion of fate by describing an anecdote about this woman whose son had survived 9/11. She bought him a shirt as a gift, and on the day of the attacks, he took time off to return it, he didn't like the design. As her hand hovered over the shirts in the store, a  day earlier, choosing one that he ended up not liking, saved his life.


  1. Replies
    1. Yup, i think if she had been hit that would have been 'it', the speed of the vehicles hitting her, i doubt she would have survived.

  2. Wow very lucky, she would have been toast. I think fate does play a hand in the course of events. If it was her time it would have been her time, but it wasn't so one little thing lead her out of the way.

  3. wow, that video is amazing, so close, very thought provoking. Makes you wonder if everything happens for a reason.


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