Friday, 16 March 2012

Musings on trolling and logic.

This is more for my own amusement than anything else, but it does show how susceptible people are to trolls, and how people don’t do basic research before commenting.

I grabbed a screen shot of comments on the Sister Wendy discussion (about the Serranno piece 'piss christ')
, because i noticed most of the comments, far from being about the video were directed at this character  ’amayagab’. Who comported him/herself by saying Sister Wendy was a sinner, the art was blasphemous and that the people watching are immoral. A quick check on the channels homepage , and a look at the background confirms that this is a troll account. Probably a part time troll, since they have other content up. The more sophisticated troll,  would have a channel identical to the real nutters.

I know that the people who comment on youtube a lot, are people who do it for all kinds of reasons, they often have no perspective. But i think it replicated how people operate logically in the real world.


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    1. I found it had a parallel with the outside world, how people hold forth on topics without a knowledge of the subject at hand.

  2. Trolls do it just to get a rise out of people and because there is usually some ad on there or something that they hope you will click. Or by making people come to see, they increase their stats and in turn get more people to come and potentially click. People need to wise up, but yeah many who go around posting on youtube all the time are those that think they are right and have to shove their opinion down everyones throat or just like to stir things up.

    1. The term for getting a result from trolling is called 'profit'. I used to troll when i was younger, but i soon lost interest. You cannot troll the delusional or people with a simplistic view of events. People who spend a lot of time online are normal, we all do it, it's fantastic entertainment. But there are those who have no perspective about what they see and do, much like religious extremists, political extremes. It is that same anti pluralistic thinking that cannot hold another opposing thought or contrasting ideal that is so dangerous. Fringe protest groups are the worst , most censorship comes from fringe protest groups. Cheers for commetning Pat.


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