Friday, 9 March 2012

Street art in Berlin advertising an art show .-subject to edit. re-edited 9/7/13

Interesting that you can put something like this up in Berlin and no police come and tear it down .
But, does something like this cause a disturbance to the psyche?. For example, if a child saw it, does it constitute abuse of the child?.
Will the child be damaged, or is the the parents reaction, and parenting skills that cause the trauma?.
Real life ads from the company are pretty open about their pornographic inspirations.
It is worth noting owner  Don  Charney is always in and out of court for sexually harrassing the models, four of them are suing him and he all but admits it in various interviews. This msnbc article shows his views on women.

What about geographical context then? A Titian, if placed in a public space would it cause controversy or does the historical distance give us an objective perspective?.

Is it porn or art, and do we care  because  academics tell us its culturally significant.

Carravagio's paintings of children, does our pleasure in viewing these images alter when we know he was a paedophile who kept a young boy in his studio as an assistant and model and had sex with him, perhaps the young boy painted here.

Look at these tribal members, are we offended by their old flesh, that it is so exposed or do give it a pass from an anthropological position.

Are you offended by nudity, is it male nudity or female or children's naked bodies?
Is it context?

Do we only pixellate out genitals on recent recordings of naked men?
Perhaps if its non sexual, or only because he is in a public space?

It gets muddled when we try to ascertain the rules.
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  1. Didn't Berlin have a sexually open society back in the early to near-mid 20th century? Like gays, lesbians and the like were free to roam in the public without fear of repercussions. I guess it still carried over into this generation and I think it's okay.

    IMO, if the child sees such things and the parent's reactions to such things were nothing serious then the child will see it as normal and wouldn't really worry about it. Considering how children really have no definite sense of right and wrong, good and bad etc. Hell I went out whenever it rained naked in my neighborhood when I was 4 - 6, I only stopped because my mum said that people would be "looking at me different".

    1. Yeah,Berlin was quite liberated they had the development of Dadaism, the Bahaus movement.Lots of experimentation, Berlin was seen as 'the' party city.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. People have built up this huge wall around nude, kids don't care. It's the parents that make such a big deal over it and then that starts giving the kids a complex. If the parents just laugh and shrug it off, or act like it's normal then the kids won't care either. Everyone has the parts, don't see what the big deal is. I suppose it's not considered civilized though as they'd rather you buy $3000 shoes or something.

  3. Interesting I remember learning about Berlin being sexually expressive in school


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