Monday, 5 March 2012

An old song on a new flute-subject to edit.

This is a post i put on my Daily Booth, ostensibly i use this website to promote my art, but find it increasingly a great litmus test for popular opinion, trends and how people social network online.   the link to the daily booth post.
The man in the picture is Glenn Beck, who could work for the Ministry of Love in Orwells '1984' with no qualms. He is a bigot, and  is the current darling of right wing America, recently one can see him parading up and down in front of the American flag or the constitution, bawling his eyes out  about the indignity of having a black president.
This 'beyond satire' peformance has resulted in a series of memes ridiculing the man.
I posted it to see what peoples reactions would be.
Here is the responses.

I think this focus on everyone becoming 'caramel coloured' is an emotional response to distance the individual from their ethnic group that they consider racist. One often sees it in the white liberal generation that lived through the civil rights movement.
My own view is that it is a type of cultural regressive domination, the emphasis being that one must marry in to the dominant ethnic group in order to progress. This is not equality of opportunity, this is predjeduice.
In America native american women were encouraged to adopt white culture and have white husbands, in order to assimilate and 'breed out' the native american culture.
Black slaves were raped by their white owners in order to 'increase' their property.

Now we have cultural appropriation, which is not respect and understanding of other peoples differences but a commercialised, distanced and shallow parody of other cultures and people.

The act of crossing ethnic and cultural divides in order to have a relationship with someone you are attracted to is, of course, a good sign of equality of opportunity. But the idea of a culture of everyone being 'caramel coloured' is really about watering down what we find threatening. And is not true understanding of other people differences, and celebrating them. Our very survival depends on our diversity on a genetic level, it is the reason no disease will ever wipe us out.
Part of this fear is capitalistic i think.
To quote Mark Twain 'The real yellow peril, is gold'.

If you have thoughts and opinions, please leave them i would love to hear from you, i always respond.


  1. I agree it's just a lazy person's way of trying to pretend racism doesn't exist and get rid of it. Let's make everyone the same so we can sell them crap and such like that, pffft...stupid. If you are attracted by all means, but if you are just doing it because society or some other stupid person says you have to to blend and expand, DUMB!

    1. The main person who argued came back several times on my dailybooth to justify his comments and prove that he was not being prejudiced by telling me he was one fifteenth native american. Always think for yourself and always think critically. Thanks for the comment Pat.

  2. Dude I totally understand something although I can't really explain what I've understood.

    So the act mixing races being tolerated by society because of "hurr durr inequality, must be equal" mentality is racist? Man I really want to know what you're trying to say here, my mind is buggered right now maybe because I overtrained myself or something. But still bookmarking this post so I can hear your thoughts on this.

    Cheers buddy!

    1. Thanks for commenting. The man who left the main bulk of the comments Phaineopepla95 said that if everyone has sex with everyone else then we will all be 'caramel' coloured and then their will be no more racism. This in itself is racist, it places the onus for getting rid of prejudice on the shoulders of the minority being discriminated against.It maintains a position that the only way for racism to go, is for the ethnic minoritys to marry in to the dominant ethnic group and become part of that group. That is cultural genocide, it is also racist. The only way for racism to go, is for the dominant ethnic group to eliminate racism from its own behaviour, which takes time, education and commitment. .

    2. Thanks man, now I understand. What Phaineopepla95 said was pretty much my take on how racism would end. Having the whole population of the world become beige coloured.

      Although I did not advocate the thought, it was pretty much one of my strongest beliefs. That being said, there would still be racism if some pockets of races want to keep theirs the same should a "single race" ever happen.

      Thanks again mate!

  3. Lol 4 chan some funny stuff goes on there

    1. It was actually on Daily Booth, but i go on 4chan a lot, its not as funny as it used to be, too many newfags.

    2. I've been there since 2005, I was 12 at the time and I didn't really understand what it was - gore and all. It really did have some fun times, although much I've forgotten. Stopped at 2006 and came back in 2011 - it really has changed.

      I think the chemo seems to be working though, don't you?

    3. Slowly, there is some noticable recovery,/b/ needs to get its hate back.

  4. Reverse racism!!! Sigh...I'm full Italian and my family would loveee for me to continue the trend. But, if it doesn't work out, then it doesn't. People are silly!

    1. Well, it's more about people having the choice to be as diverse as they choose. Phaineopepla95 offers an anodyne future in which there is only one culture and one race, that is racist. Instead he should offer a future where people who come from different cultures have equality of opportunity.

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