Sunday, 21 July 2013

This blog, separate from my art, is the beggining of a book, to explore my interest in symbolism in art.

Lately i have been slowly forming an idea around the depiction of taboo subjects in art through the use of subtext and symbolism with a focus on painting and drawing and sculpture, otherwise known as the visual arts.

  • Depiction of racism in the visual arts
  • Depiction of  sexism and homophobia in the visual arts
  • Propaganda in the visual arts with a focus on art that lead to social change through manipulation such as the woodcut 'The Boston Massacre'.
  • Depiction and covert promotion of sexual abuse and rape in the visual arts including literature and poetry.
  • How violence is depicted, promoted, moralised and justified through the ages in the visual arts.
  • How hidden religious groups, hidden social movements used art to promote their influence and spread their ideas in the visual arts.
  • Depiction of these themes in films and music and how to identify signifiers in advertising
Work in progress since this is just a slow move toward production and will probably take a few years research.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

SASSY CASS fashion facebook page- PLEASE VISIT.

Please visit and like the page of my friend and fellow artist Cassandra Grey. Her work mixes new and old sensibility. Vintage designs with a modern approach.

Thanks if you visit her page and give it a 'like'.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Tit Meat- Pencil on paper 6/13

Rough pencil crayon drawing based on a photoshop design. This is my continuing work inspired by the book 'The Sexual Politics Of Meat'.