Sunday, 21 July 2013

This blog, separate from my art, is the beggining of a book, to explore my interest in symbolism in art.

Lately i have been slowly forming an idea around the depiction of taboo subjects in art through the use of subtext and symbolism with a focus on painting and drawing and sculpture, otherwise known as the visual arts.

  • Depiction of racism in the visual arts
  • Depiction of  sexism and homophobia in the visual arts
  • Propaganda in the visual arts with a focus on art that lead to social change through manipulation such as the woodcut 'The Boston Massacre'.
  • Depiction and covert promotion of sexual abuse and rape in the visual arts including literature and poetry.
  • How violence is depicted, promoted, moralised and justified through the ages in the visual arts.
  • How hidden religious groups, hidden social movements used art to promote their influence and spread their ideas in the visual arts.
  • Depiction of these themes in films and music and how to identify signifiers in advertising
Work in progress since this is just a slow move toward production and will probably take a few years research.


  1. Sounds like some great topics to research, good luck. Few years,geesh, have to be determined.

  2. So basically you're searching for all the nasty Easter eggs in the art world? Sounds fun.


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