Friday, 27 January 2012

No money no honey- first edit.

First complete section of my no money no honey piece. I would reccomend Rob Agers film analysis of Kubriks movies both as an intial understanding as to the genesis to this video piece, but also as a fine example of critical thinking.
This video is not finished yet and is subject to editing.
Thanks for watching.
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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A good man driven to the edge.

The image of the women linked by flimsy thought bubbles is ironic, the white woman is providing us with her thoughts. She herself, is prejudiced against because of her gender, but sits, pre occupied, not recognizing it.Her thoughts are the most shallow and ill informed which is again ironic, based on the    idea that  a woman is incapable of having intelligent, creative thoughts, instead focusing on the material, laying at her feet. Which are of course, de beers blood diamonds.
I tend to use the layout of this simple collage either to develop stronger, more detailed work or it leads in to painting or drawing.

Friday, 20 January 2012

one hundred thousand divided by five.

I really like this style of text art, a simple primary background with text floating on it as though a screensaver. It has its influence in the design of saul bass and the  works of Rauschenberg and Rothko. Sammo the alter ego urban guru of Basquiat also plays a role in the development of these peices. Could this blend in to the background, its simple yet obscure text become like the event it narrates.
The work is related to the 'a fifth of Menenzes' in that Menenzes was portgeuse as is the langauge used. The title is based on the hundred thousand pounds his family got in compensation for the five bullets he was shot with. The language disparity highlights the frustration of communication that failed everyone on the day he was killed.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

part 3

i shot more footage than this, im just editing it.
thanks for watching

Today i worked on a movie set part2

When i get the movie i will post clips at least.
Thanks for watching.

Today i worked on a movie.

The script, production and direction was by Monica Wie. The story is about a young woman who loses her fiance, she spends the rest of the film trying to connect to her memorys of him by collecting ties.
I played the fiancee, it was an unusual experience for me, despite the proffessionalism of the film crew, because i was unused to acting and film sets.  I will try and post a sequence of me acting when i can get it.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Thank you to everyone who has viewed my blog.

It keeps me producing art.
Everytime someone visits a piece, i often go back to edit it, to make it easier to view. In viewing the work you are helping me streamline the site.
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Friday, 13 January 2012

Generic fate.

I will be editing my own banner with my own psychic, probably based on the moirai. A lot of my work is about examining the notion of fate. Something i have a personal interest in.
This is just the first exploration, it happened ironically enough from spam in my gmail. Where i was warned ' You are at a crossroads, you have some choices ahead.'
Generic advice can be applied to anyone in any life, this is sometimes referred to as 'cold reading'.
Cold reading is the technique of reading basic information about someone, such as  everyone has relatives they have lost and care about. You can use obvious insight such as ' you have a spirit of  someone who cares about you...they have a message about a cross roads in your life, your going to be faced with some choices'.
 I am less interested in exposing psychics and more interested in the idea of  fate as investigated by Kierkegaard in his examination of fate in Greek tragedy and filtering that through modern art examples and the notion of historical negation.

More work to come.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

one fifth of menenzes please.

I  have been watching the government reaction to the Occupy protests, i cannot see them being scared of any big social change. We are ruled by one family and their cousins, and nephews and nieces and until that changes, then nothing will. Jean Charles de Menenzes was an electrician living in London, after the London suicide bombings the police thought he was a terrorist and they shot him five times in the head on the Tube.
His family got a hundred thousand pounds in compensation. He was 27, that's three thousand pounds for every year he lived.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

This is my youtube, i often post art based videos .

My youtube is another forum for me to communicate my ideas and art. Most of my work is socially concerned, which i sometimes feel is at odds with the larger fine art community. In which topics about actual change with actual targets are not respected. Instead it is concerned with exploring the esoteric links between memory and emotion.
Most fine art is about the artist exploring their own life.

Is there any room for my work?. 

Monday, 2 January 2012

Max's Stendhal syndrome.

I am trying to work on my editing skills to fully communicate my ideas and themes. Max Hardcore is a producer and star of misogynist pornographic movies he is currently in jail for child pornography. He is a useful metaphor for my examination of our attitudes to female nudity. Which has nothing to do with prudery and everything to do with control and sexism. The image of Brooke Sheilds as a child was a publicity shot for the movie 'Cherry Baby' which she starred in as a child prostitute. It is never shown and is edited even for dvd. The publicity photo was appropriated by artist Richard Prince, who placed the back of a horse in it and named it  'The Spiritual  America'. He was subsequently sued by the original photographer Richard Gross. The image of an oiled ten year old girl posing  as though an adult  would never be allowed now. I am interested in the difference between art and porn and obscenity and satire. A grinning Max segemented between the images encourages a discussion and re evaluation. The image of a young Miley Cyrus in a short skirt that gets over thirty thousand views allows an introduction to discuss the influence of the tabloid press which regularly sells news by using teenage girls with a hypocritical  moral outrage that i filtered down to the term 'too much too young'.

The paintings are by titian whose nudity is seen all over YouTube and Francis Picabia who supported himself during the second world war by painting nudes for brothels.

Apologies for the soundtrack, i am still learning to edit.