Friday, 13 January 2012

Generic fate.

I will be editing my own banner with my own psychic, probably based on the moirai. A lot of my work is about examining the notion of fate. Something i have a personal interest in.
This is just the first exploration, it happened ironically enough from spam in my gmail. Where i was warned ' You are at a crossroads, you have some choices ahead.'
Generic advice can be applied to anyone in any life, this is sometimes referred to as 'cold reading'.
Cold reading is the technique of reading basic information about someone, such as  everyone has relatives they have lost and care about. You can use obvious insight such as ' you have a spirit of  someone who cares about you...they have a message about a cross roads in your life, your going to be faced with some choices'.
 I am less interested in exposing psychics and more interested in the idea of  fate as investigated by Kierkegaard in his examination of fate in Greek tragedy and filtering that through modern art examples and the notion of historical negation.

More work to come.


  1. Yeah the generic stuff is really all a facade, but the notion of fate is definitely a fun subject.

    1. Yes, a lot of philosophers have investigated it and writers. It's a great topic to take on.


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