Monday, 2 January 2012

Max's Stendhal syndrome.

I am trying to work on my editing skills to fully communicate my ideas and themes. Max Hardcore is a producer and star of misogynist pornographic movies he is currently in jail for child pornography. He is a useful metaphor for my examination of our attitudes to female nudity. Which has nothing to do with prudery and everything to do with control and sexism. The image of Brooke Sheilds as a child was a publicity shot for the movie 'Cherry Baby' which she starred in as a child prostitute. It is never shown and is edited even for dvd. The publicity photo was appropriated by artist Richard Prince, who placed the back of a horse in it and named it  'The Spiritual  America'. He was subsequently sued by the original photographer Richard Gross. The image of an oiled ten year old girl posing  as though an adult  would never be allowed now. I am interested in the difference between art and porn and obscenity and satire. A grinning Max segemented between the images encourages a discussion and re evaluation. The image of a young Miley Cyrus in a short skirt that gets over thirty thousand views allows an introduction to discuss the influence of the tabloid press which regularly sells news by using teenage girls with a hypocritical  moral outrage that i filtered down to the term 'too much too young'.

The paintings are by titian whose nudity is seen all over YouTube and Francis Picabia who supported himself during the second world war by painting nudes for brothels.

Apologies for the soundtrack, i am still learning to edit.

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