Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A good man driven to the edge.

The image of the women linked by flimsy thought bubbles is ironic, the white woman is providing us with her thoughts. She herself, is prejudiced against because of her gender, but sits, pre occupied, not recognizing it.Her thoughts are the most shallow and ill informed which is again ironic, based on the    idea that  a woman is incapable of having intelligent, creative thoughts, instead focusing on the material, laying at her feet. Which are of course, de beers blood diamonds.
I tend to use the layout of this simple collage either to develop stronger, more detailed work or it leads in to painting or drawing.


  1. Wow the things that inspire, like your take on it too.

    1. Thanks, needs more work in places.I keep meaning to get round to doing a painted version of these.


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