Sunday, 8 January 2012

one fifth of menenzes please.

I  have been watching the government reaction to the Occupy protests, i cannot see them being scared of any big social change. We are ruled by one family and their cousins, and nephews and nieces and until that changes, then nothing will. Jean Charles de Menenzes was an electrician living in London, after the London suicide bombings the police thought he was a terrorist and they shot him five times in the head on the Tube.
His family got a hundred thousand pounds in compensation. He was 27, that's three thousand pounds for every year he lived.


  1. That occupy thing isn't going to do a thing, until you hit them where it hurts in their wallet, not a thing will happen.

  2. If only a third of them ran for local office, school governers, councils..they could effect huge change. That is , if they stuck to doing the right thing. The money from lobbyists is really tempting.


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