Thursday, 22 December 2011

Lakme and Calisto have to serve.

I am a big fan of Delibes Lakme.
The opera is about a young soldier Gerard  who begins a romance with an Indian woman, later he leaves her for his western fiancee. A lot of people say it is really about lesbian love. The duet itself is sung by the heroine Lakme and her servant Malika. It is set by a river, where they take a bath. The bathing women are observed by tourists and the soldier. This is interpreted in a modern way as the male gaze, the  woman are presented as the exotic 'other' for the titillation of the viewer.The operetta is full of illusions as they bathe together , such as 'plucking flowers', 'flowing waters' and the 'nous appellant ensemble' or 'calling us together' .Caliso is a nypmh who was raped by Jupiter or Zeus ( depending on the reading) she became pregant and was turned in to a bear, later she was about to attack her son. But was transformed in to stars by the gods. All myth is metaphor I support gay rights.

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