Sunday, 25 September 2011

What a beautifull little orgasm.

This piece will be printed out as a t shirt , should i have the nerve to wear it. Believe it or not but the depraved serial killer Dennis Rader and Mother Theresa have things in common. They both believed that suffering was somehow integral to life, and they both put the sufferings of others before their own egos. Serial killers and celebritys might have much in common, the shallow affect ( limited range of emotions) and of course the terrifying narcissim. Theresa beleived that suffering on earth brought us closer to God, her clinics were filthy and she re used needles. She thought poverty was holy, and she brought no joy to others in her ministrations.
Rader would have fitted right in.
She also supported brutal dictators who were seen as friends of the catholic church such as  Jean Claude duvalier of Haiti whose brutally repressive regime killed and imprisoned hundreds and brankrupted the economy. The  vast sums of money she got to help the poor she spent on convents to promote her own name and ego. Very little was spent on actually feeding,educating and clothing the poverty stricken.
Thelink is to a video called 'Hells Angel' which tells the true story of Theresa of Calcutta.

I think you all know who btk is, his narcissm and cruelty and desire to be a celebrity i found had links to Theresas corruption.

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