Saturday, 3 September 2011

Park kill flats. ( Park Hill flats re-brand)
Park Hill flats is a huge housing project in Sheffield, left to rot until recently and blighted by crime and anti social behaviour. Because it was listed as a cultural asset  it could'nt  be  knocked down , so it was sold under a ppp's agreement and money was pumped in to it both from the tax payer and private business. ( mainly it seems the tax payer foots the bill in ppps.. railways spring to mind).

Now we are told 3/4 (26 out of 72)of the flats will not be available to council tenants, and priority will  not be given to local residents .

So far.. so coalition right?.
So what's the interest from me as an artist?.
I was interested in the appropriation of a supposedly legendary piece of graffiti from a park hill resident who sprayed a bridge connecting the flats ' i love u will u marry me?'.
This authentic realness is some thing integrated in to the flats new design ( the flats have a rustic look) including the phrase which is on cushions in the flats and the famous graffitti  now replicated in neon lights.

Its ironic that private business buys in to social housing, replicates the local history of the tenants while kicking them out in favour of  higher income earners.
It is this irony that i am attempting to explore in this peice of text art.

On  the question of the colour choice for the art, i have been influenced by Kubricks use of subliminal colour metaphors in his work.

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