Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Meme peice: introducing the meme.- in progress

 1 : an idea, belief or belief system, or pattern of behavior that spreads throughout a culture either vertically by cultural inheritance (as by parents to children) or horizontally by cultural acquisition (as by peers, information media, and entertainment media)

2 : a pervasive thought or thought pattern that replicates itself via cultural means; a parasitic code, a virus of the mind especially contagious to children and the impressionable

3 : the fundamental unit of information, analogous to the gene in emerging evolutionary theory of culture
- meme pool (n.) : all memes of a culture or individual
- memetic (adj.) : relating to memes
- memetics (n.) : the study of memes

4 : in blogspeak, an idea that is spread from blog to blog

5 : an internet information generator, especially of random or contentless information

(Etymology : meme : derived from the Greek mimëma, 'something imitated', by Richard Dawkins in 1976)

I will try to generate my own meme and make it sucsessfull.
The meme willl  be about Stalin's rapist in cheig Lavrentiy Beria, who was known for driving round in a limosuine and grabbing any woman he liked and brutally assaulting her.

The meme will include his picture

Though i may change the initial image, i want to see if i can start a meme based on a notorious criminal , to see if anyone researches the meme, adds to it. or complains about it.
ill add more information and explanation as the idea develops.

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