Sunday, 13 November 2011

kindly kinseys pedophiles

This piece is available as both a print and i can reproduce as a painting on canvass in oil, in a style and colour to your choosing. Please gmail me for more information.
A little bit about the work:
I initially read about Dr Kinsey and his research in to the sexual habits of America, and was fascinated and disturbed to find he also did research on pedophiles. Kinseys pedophiles or one in particular  were in constant contact with him, with the doctor challenging him to keep detailed notebooks on the children he abused. Kinsey even was found to warn the abusers to avoid the police and choose their targets carefully.
This is an interesting youtube video on this topic.

Honore Fraganord was a french painter specialising in the rococo style, but he also made a secondary living painting 'broken pitcher' paintings. Which were effectively paintings of young women who had lost their virginity, the paintings contained nudity and were sold as morality pieces, but really were just an excuse to show nubile flesh.
The link is to a website with a few paintings showcasing broken pitcher paintings.

Henry Scott Tuke was an early 20th century  British painter  specialising in paintings of young men and seascapes. His work is often subject to homophobic censure which brands him of being a pedophile
The link is to a blog that details the case.
Sunny D or Sunny Delight is a childs orange juice marketed as a healthy alternative to natural orange juice. It is heavily sugared and has come in to criticism from parents groups.

The Sunny D is of  course a metaphor for the blandness and child like thinking that occurs when we deal with the issue of protecting children. And the scapegoating of art and of people when emotions and logic conflict.
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