Saturday, 28 April 2012

Washington the warrior protects poker-her- hontas while the carnival carrys on.

This collage of images came from my Tumblr live draw event, in which several artists drew according to chosen words.
Some of these images are familiar throughout my work, i have used the tumescent fox as a representation of that testosterone type of yellow journalism. Which seeks to elicit an emotional reaction and not provide facts with solutions. George Washington as a caricature of masculinity interests me, since he is feted as a liberal and an all American male , when he was a rapist of his slaves, and made the children work as slaves. He also promoted genocide against the Native Americans. Representing that and cultural theft is the created character 'poke-her- hontas', with her porn actress name and girls gone wild lifestyle and pseudo spiritual tattoo in a language and culture she does not understand. Donald Duck dives in to the World Trade Towers singing the famous Rapping Ronnie song.
. I like linking the idea of flags and symbols with advertising, all designed to sell us things we might not buy otherwise.
tThe ciggerette package imitates this lack of critical thinking.
The Trade Towers are at the centre of both conspiracy theorys which destroy critical thinking and distract from the real issues and also highlight the bigotry at the centre of the ensuing invasions. Above Donald is the Bin Ladens private jet, that was the only plane allowed to fly out of America after the attacks.
Above the towers a Menorah and a parody of the Danish Mohammed cartoons fight it out to see which can destroy the towers first, both cultures and religions being blamed and targeted.
The title 'circus' comes from Caligula's famous speech on how to control the population in times of dictatorship 'Give them bread and circuses'.

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  1. that's deep. i wouldnt have gathered all that from just looking at that drawing! a lot of information there.

    1. Thanks Jaya, i am thinking of doing these urban narratives, but in paint. I like shoving in as much as i can, with all these jokes in too.

  2. Wow you mixed a ton in there, mickey mouse and SOPA hahaha that was great. All the conspiracy behind the towers may not be oh so conspiracy though, but it will never be proven so conspiracy it will remain.

    1. Thanks PAtt, conspiracies fascinate me, and the people who promote them. Reality does not intrude. I think it is interesting in that the acceptance of conspiracies shows a lack of respect and trust for the government system. With the internet people can subvert and analyse propoganda, share world information in a new way, but separate from the peer group, and academic scrutiny the worst aspects of illogic occur .


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