Wednesday, 4 April 2012

All your illusions. Illustrated poem.

Made this illustration based on the poems of
I drew forget me nots, with the ying yang symbol, since she writes a lot about her past and present. In that vein i also included symbols of fate from other cultures including Baron Samedhis veve (he is the Haitian God of death, but also change and renewal), the celtic rings, the four pillars of Islam among others. I drew the poet thinking of love, with a lover she described in the forgeround. The woman laying baack surrounded by plastic cups and tiaras was lifted direct from her poem, i contrasted her view that this was a childish view of love with the image of a curvy woman. I am always interested in why the human heart is spoken as a  source of emotio, when in reality all emotion is expereinced in the brain. But if im going to draw the heart, i draw it as it is, not as a cartoonish love symbol, but as a strong muscle, full of life.Like we are.
I tried to make the illustration hopeful, and positive .
I am thinking of painting it.

Does anyone think i put too much detail in?. How is the imagery?.
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  1. By her posts she seems also very knowlegable or rather more attentive to things that happen around her. To be honest her blog is pretty draining, I mean all her posts convey a sense of pessimism but there's a reality there that I can't shake. Maybe that's the reason I left the tumblr page quickly.

    By the way, there's five pillars of Islam and not four - just a heads up.

    1. Thanks, i did draw five, it was just my Stephen Hawking style camera work that cut it off lol. Whenever i think of the five pillars of Islam i think of 80's tv show 'Monkey Magic', because of the buddhist pillars. which was an attempt to combine Buddhist mythology with the popularity of Kung Fu movies. You should check it out if you like a laugh, it's hilarious..well for a bit anyway. Piggsy being the funniest.

  2. Not a bad page of poems. But I like looking at your art work better. It conveyed what you were going for wonderfully. As far as I'm concerned you can't have too much detail, in most cases, there are some of course but you captured her words with ease.

    1. Thanks Patt, i enjoyed doing it, interpretating someones work is fun.

  3. i like the way you have palpable reasons for everything you draw. like the heart bit...i was wondering why the graphic muscle and then i read your text. your artworks remind me a lot of the kind of work that my brother does.
    good one.


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