Monday, 9 April 2012

Chris Brown Beatdown Boardgame.

Ike Turner enterprises presents:A Charlie Sheen designed product for all young men to enjoy.
The Chris Brown beatdown boardgame.  Start the clock and watch as the grammy performing woman beater shouts out twelve of his most pathetic excuses why he hits women.
The trick is to keep the tiny Rhianna model one step ahead of the clock by rolling a six. If you get round the board ahead of the clock you win and Rhiannas self esteem goes up, and no mixed messages are sent to teenage fans.
The game also comes with a separate Charlie Sheen head ,and you can have hours of fun cutting out all the images of  the five or so women hes whalloped and making them in to models for Charlie to chase, fists clenched around the board.
Great fun for the family, it also doubles as an alarm clock, but no one listens because the voice is famous.


  1. Sounds like such a violent game, you better watch out for the pta they might come after you. Or Brown might come after you for a share of the profits..hahaha

    1. I was actually thinking of photoshopping it to make it look more pro, but i need to teach myself the skills. I'd love to see Brown and Sheen in a ring with a pro boxer, see how they like being on the end of one for a change. GOod idea about marketing it though..ker ching.?

  2. Silly girl...but what a great game. You should 'shop it...

    1. I shall; abusers are uber manipulative, they are very good at destroying self esteem and providing emotional uppers and downers so the victim becomes dependant.


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