Monday, 9 April 2012

The Chris Brown Beat down Board game TV spot.

Ike Turner and Charlie Sheen present a nut bush of a winning idea to celebrate domestic abuse survivor Rhianna getting back with the guy who kicked her ass so hard she screamed for help to the cops. The purpose of the game is to start the timer, and try to roll a six as Rhianna has to keep one step ahead of Mr Browns fists and excuses. Whats that?. You rolled a five?.
Looks like someone is walking in to a door tonight.
The 2012 Grammy performing ass kicking singer has twelve hilarious excuses recorded that provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.
Your son will love knowing its cool to smack his girlfriend about, because his idol does it too. Your daughter just might learn the handy survival skills from this game when her low self esteem and mixed messages from celebrities lead her in to her own real life Chris Brown lifetime adventure.
Charlie Sheen head comes free, with the option of going through those fashion and celeb magazines to find his Rhiannas. Old Charlie has beaten up a fair few women in his day, so you can bond with your kids while finding his old victims.

The manufacturers reccomend recording some screams from popular horror movies like Silence of the lambs and playing those as a separate track when Chris catches up to Rhianna. This adds a new depth to the game , were all about interactivity.

Have hours of fun, living the life of these celebrated women beating celebrities


  1. LMAO great job, you should make infomercials and giving a charlie sheen head away for free, that will sell it right there..hahaha

    1. Thanks Pat lol, Maybe i should email it to him?. He is a millionaire who hits women and is a drug addict, but if you say it loud enough and often enough the lemmings will follow. 'He who shouts the loudest has the floor'. It's all marketing, Larry Flynt is called a pornographer, Hugh Hefner appears on the Simpsons and is seen as a rogue even though he treats women like crap. Definitely going to make more videos though. I want to try more humour in my stuff, art can be too po faced.

    2. i agree on the humour thing :)
      im not a huge fan of Brown or RIhanna.
      think the girl is lucky that her music is a hit and her image sells well. that's pop culture.
      but i still think that she can come off as a little trashy at times ?

    3. Thanks Jaya, sex sells or at least tittilation. We never see true sex in all its human mess and frailty and insecurity. We just get an idealised, air brushed fantasy. Because they want to sell our own insecurity's back to us as product. And if you want a bad joke this one might work.It is a chinese fortune cookie. 'Man turning sideways to get through airport turnstiles always going to Bangcock'.

    4. lol. trust that from a fortune cookie. you're right about the true sex bit. i guess porn just makes it worse.

    5. Thanks Jaya, I don't mind porn it is just fantasy (i have a neighbour who loves it lol from the sound of his laptop). But i don't like the misogynism that comes from a lot of it. Despite what people say it is not run by women though, nor do women make the most money. It is the big producers like Vivid, these blue chip companies that make a fortune, not the performers. But clever ones who stay off drugs, manage their own careers, produce their own films can become rich. Which is how it should be, it is their body so the lions share should go to them.

      What is interesting (sorry for rambling) is how many companies make money from the porn industry. Most of the large hotels do, those are owned by larger companies like Disney, Glaxxo Smith Kline. Everyone is at it, figurativly speaking. Just make sure you don't shake their hands lol.

  2. I love Rihanna! I think she's sexy and a great performer. I'm VERY dissapointed with her decision to go back to a woman beater. Sigh...

    1. Thanks Jax, there is an actual bet on some seedy website i saw that pays out if he hits her again. Celebrity couples getting together are like two corporations merging though, they have huge agencies behind them pushing them, theres no such thing as bad publicity when your in it to make money off someone . If she wasn't famous, she could be in some flat somewhere getting bashed and no one would care.


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