Saturday, 21 April 2012

Bacho Bazi summer deal special.

Bacho Bazi is the Afghanistan practice of taking young boys from deprived circumstances and training and dressing them to be dancers. They wear traditional feminine clothes, make up and dance suggestivly. They are also sex slaves, child prostitution is rife in deprived countries. More so the trade of young boys in countries where there is  a separation of the sexes.
Dyncorp is a multi national corporation that operates in these countries, it is a government contracted company, working with the American military. It claims to aid the army in development in the municipal area, agriculture, supporting and training local police, aid work and education. In short it is a mini government, something these corporations are becoming more and more.
Dyncorp like Blackwater, like Knightrider and many other military contractors are rife with abuse, fraud and corruption against both the American government and the population and country they operate in.
Twice now Dyncorp have been fined and charged with procuring child prostitutes for local government, police officers, and politicians in Afghanisat, Bosnia and Latin America.
On top of being child prostitute pimps Dyncorp are also drug dealers

While child prostitution is not unkown in the West and, indeed happens at the top of society along with all the other dirty, filthy corruption our social , religious and political leaders engage in.
Ex British Prime Minister Tony Blairs links to Middle Eastern Oil companies.
 Rape in the modelling industry right at the top


  1. Yeah that is just sickening, having child prostitution being the third most traded illegal dealing after drugs and guns, does not say much for the human species. Then the sickos that actually get their jollies deserve to have their wanker chopped off.

    1. It is disgusting Pat, i actually argued with a pedophile on youtube once, after i reported him of course. His thinking was very delusional, i actually think pedophiles in the traditional sense are mentally ill. At the moment they are incurable, even chemical castration does not work, since they can still harm others, abuse by proxy through the actions of others. Personally i think castration is barbaric, the best offence is a good defence. Which is education and not giving in to alarmist tabloids. Sadly most sexual abuse, like physical abuse and murder is committed by your nearest and dearest. Familial homicide being the most common.
      Ultimately, the more educated we become to the abuse of any sort, the more we tolerate it less. Outrage being a great motivator at the ballot box.

  2. that's just disgusting and wrong on so many levels. it's easy to become emotionally charged rather than to think with a clear head when it comes to punishing animals like that. my gran used to say that these offenders deserve to have their privates slashed and later slather chilli powder on the injury. hahaha. mean streak.

    1. Ouch, your gran does have a mean streak Jaya. But if we act as babaric as they do then don't we lower ourselves to their level?. How can we say we are morally better than them? and judge them and scentence them?.It just becomes 'we are stronger and so we will bash you'.
      That's not justice, that is revenge.
      And remind me not to get on your grans bad side, i'd hate to have her reach for her recipe book with me in mind lol

    2. i know what you mean. it'll be revenge. like what they did with that Gaddafi - i mean, the guy was a cold-blooded killer but what they did to him in the end didnt speak much of them. he should have been tried in the international criminal court or something for his crime against humanity. saddam and osama has it easy actually.

      my gran was a sweet lady :) you would have found her funny methinks !

    3. Did you get your sense of humour from your Gran Jaya?. She does sound lovely, you sound like you were close.
      On the issue of dictators getting murdered before trial or sentencing i always use that famous Latin question 'Cue Bueno?' or 'Who benefits?'.
      What would a dictator say after a few years in jail?. Their psycopaths so they would want to keep their name in the papers, try to get advantage.
      Who would not want that happening?.

    4. i grew up with my gran, and she was a big influence. i think if she was born in this time and place, she would be someone really hard to catch. i miss her.
      for all their crimes, they'd still get the electric chair or something, no?

      do you have a name, mr. sundersartwork ?
      i much prefer addressing most people with their names.

    5. Thanks for all the comments Jaya, may name is Jon Osman. I'm in Sunderland which is 30 miles from Scotland, though it is not Scottish.The accents are just as indecipherable though.

  3. wow I'd never heard of this so thanks for raising always amazes me how humans treat one another.

    1. I know G, it is disgusting. But they bribe the right politicians, so they keep their contracts. Like the banks, like B.P who still have not been charged for their oil spill.
      There is a great film called 'The Yes Men' about these two social activists who decide to pretend to be executives of corporations. They pretended to be representatives of Union Carbide ltd, which is not Dow Chemicals, which was responsible for the Bophal gas leak in India that killed thousands. They went on the news and said the company was allowing for full legal responsibility.The company lost millions as their shares crashed lol. But they didn't change their policy to the poor bastards they poisoned.
      Recentlty Wikileaks released emails have shown Dow Chemicals is now hiring private investigators to target activists , including the Yes Men, monitoring their Fb, youtube likes, and their daily activities.These corporations are very corrupt, pimping children out to government pedophiles is nothing to what they have done.

  4. Ah its unfortunate things like this happen

    1. Thanks Baur, get voting!. That changes things. I always remember this collegue i worked with once when the British National Party were gaining political ground. She said ' If the BNP get elected i am leaving England'. So i said ' Well, don't vote for them'. She said ' Oh i don't vote'.


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