Sunday, 1 May 2011

Developlment of Eric Gill text peice and little lupe adult surrealism design.-subject to edit. edited 9/7/13

I developed this idea as an ongoing project. Little Lupe or Lupe Fuentes is an adult actress who achieved infamy for her young appearance. Which was exploited by the industry, emulating child pornography.There is no real reason for the hair bands and children' s clothing other than to sell the fantasy that she is a pre pubescent.
In fact there was a trial of a man who had in his possession Little Lupe dvd's whilst at an airport and was charged with child pornography. Lupe Fuentes had  to give evidence to prove she was over 18 during the making of the videos.

I created this drawing as a prelude to more work, setting up a series of words underneath that highlighted the issues surrounding the actress and the films she stars in. Balthus is a well known painter famous for his images of young girls in revealing poses.

Nabakov of course being the famous writer responsible for the novel Lolita.

Eric Gill was a famous sculpture who believed in the process of redistribution essentially the giving of ownership of parcels of land to the poor to allow them to work it.

Gill's political and religious beliefs did not pass over to how he treated others. He was a pedophile who raped his daughters and his sister and even the family dog. This all was revealed in his personal  diary's released  in the early nineties, which ruined his reputation. The diaries contained the thoughts and sexual experimentations of Gill who detailed every act and abuse on his family .

Paper sketches and emulsion on primed board.
size: 80cm by 50 cm.
Gill even writing that he discovered 'man and dog can be joined'.
Eric Gill invented a new type of font 'Gill Sans' . I took his 'g' and used it as a fnord in many of my text pieces.

I want to merge the two people, drawing a line between what is acceptable in art, and can you depict child nudity without it having the taint of child pornography around it?. I think this is relevant because we have a culture that exploits the images of children as much as it does the images of women. I am interested in transgressive art and historical negation, and hope to make pieces using these topics.
What do you think of Eric Gill, do you think we should ignore his work because he was a pedophile?. Do you think it is ok for the sex industry to use pubescent looking actresses?.
Id love to hear your thoughts you can do so anon if you wish , i always reply .

This work is in progress and i intend to return to this idea and begin a series of paintings.


  1. not sure where this ,now finished, peice is. i think my second yr tutor took it home.

  2. Lycere Cunningham23 April 2013 at 22:13

    Hi, I found this page after Googling Little Lupe. I would like to point out that her work should not be viewed as being anything similar to child porn. She was of a legal age when these images were taken, and that's all there is to it. If she's not underage, then it is not child porn. Just because she is short statured and has small breasts doesn't make her into something other than the full-fledged adult she is. Short people have enough trouble in this world without having to be compared to children. I am a 29 year old woman with a similar body size to Little Lupe (I am 4'10, 120 lbs, barely A-cup breasts) and this leads to people trying to peg me as a child, even though I am not. Anybody who wants to suggest that tuny women are somehow insufficent in terms of sexuality, or not adult-like enough just because they happen to be small, is my mortal enemy.


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