Monday, 2 May 2011

Google girl project analysis. Syllogistic conclusion.

Since the images that first appear when one types an adjective in to google are selected based on the number of hits each image acquires ,the most popular images associated with a word will appear first.
As one can see from this image edit:

Google images can be a intresting litmus test on the nature of  societys views on certain subjects. We can even say that the results are more honest than one would get in a survey. Because the assumed anonymity of the internet allows a freedom of movement separate from peer approval.

 I hoped that grabbing screen shots of the first ten pages of images would challenge the notion of these words and reveal how we view ourselves and others.
'Girl' was typed.
What was first apparent was how little there was of acutal images of young girls, no toddlers or images of playground toys. Instead there was a large proportion of images of women dressed in schoolgirl outfits, sucking lollipops or other infantalised behaviour.  One can argue that the reason women infantalise themselves in this manner  is  to play out a particularly male fantasy of taking  virginity , rather than alluding to pedophile fantasy. In my work on Max Hardcore ,

 i found he was convicted based not on him being a pedophile, but alluding to being a pedophile by making his adult models say on camera they were twelve.And dressing them in the same kind of outfits we can see the women in the images dressed as.
The images i think reflect the nature of patriachy, infantalising is used as a tool to dehumanise and all power structures will use propoganda to reinforce control. In typing the word girl i didnt come accross any images of girls in education or careers. What this indicates is the power of visual imagery and how that can effect associated cultural, sexual and political contexts.

I hope that you will type adjectives in to google and record what happens. 
These are the words i suggest:
Man, woman, boy, war, greed, fat, lazy, addict and rape. Indian, black, chinese and race.

If you make a screen shot i would be very interested in reading your conclusions or opinions. I can be contacted through this blog.

The collected screenshots can be found here.

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