Thursday, 12 September 2013

Noticeable trend in the highest subscribed You Tube channels.

You Tube informs me of channels i might like to subscribe to when i log in, and it led me to do a very brief investigation on who these subscribers were. They fit a physical pattern, all white, all photogenic and all American. All American is in fact a euphemism for  white and heterosexual
A lot of  the highest subbed channels are run by production companies now with the 'star' a de facto actor. With the most popular videos attracting millions of views , its not surprising that television companies would try and create their own personalities to sell the advertisements.

Work in progress....


  1. Yeah I've noticed that too, the only way you get views is either by pure fluke luck, have cute cats/dogs doing something or are a million dollar company with some fat ass behind a desk hiding behind a typical above photo.

  2. Oh no. I can't do my vids then ! :p

    1. Sorry for taking so long to reply. Hah, well you should always make videos, i am sure you get large audiences. You should do a cooking one, could lead to t.v contracts? Make sure you swear a lot like Gordon Ramsey or they won't believe you have cooking talent.

  3. There is definitely a huge surge in professional tumblrs, with high production values and with professional actors playing the role of amateur youtube vloggers.


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