Monday, 13 February 2012


  Bizarre sub culture of the cuckold.
I had researched this after planning to make art on the cuckold as portrayed in art, linking it to my Messalina project.
It always appeared to me as racist, this black people as primitives, the men who act as knowing cuckolds describe themselves as being wimpy, unable to do anything but watch.
It is very bizarre, is it a fetish that can only exist so long as we have racism?.
Kind of like the violence in porn, or how many times we see women get kidnapped and tied up in movies. Jessica Alba seems to get tied up a lot!.
When sexism finally goes , will we see the end to all this fetish in movies?.
I’m still not sure what to do with this, i set the Messalina project aside for now till i can think how to proceed.
Anyone have an ideas?.


  1. Yeah I noticed this alot in movies. They always do this because people want to see it, for some strange reason. I guess at their core there is some fetish with tied up women and of course it sells, so the hollywood money machines uses it.

    1. yes, there is alos the wonder woman cartoon. by William mouston, he advocated through the comic bondage. He also though women should take over. Freud even wrote that women should be spanked to help them get over neurosis. Of course he was a perv.He had sex with his patients, hed be struck off these days.

  2. Please keep in mind that the BBC (Big Black Cock) aspect of cuckoldry is really a "subset" of the overall dynamic. It seems to have a large following from (what appears to be)middle aged white males with latent homosexual urges.

    Obviously people engage in cuckoldry on a global scale and the last time I checked, there were very few black males in Russia or China etc. :)

    As with many things, what one comes across online may not be a true representation of reality. The majority of women (or couples) that have, or life a cuckold lifestyle, race plays virtually no part in it.

    Good luck with your project and feel free to contact me should I be able to be of assistance dispelling any myths or clarifying any details.

    1. Yes, i was going to comment on the latent homosexual aspect, often the men ( if they are the narrator) describe themselves as very passive and describe the man having sex as being strong and dominant. But i still think, in America race plays a part. The black man is described as a beast and an intruder, America has a huge racial problem past and present to say this does not influence fantasy is i think missing evidence. Much like the stalags of Israel- pornography about the holocaust, trauma or controversy is integrated in to fantasy as a means of dealing with , protecting the ego .I would be interested in drawing on your expereince of course, thank you.

  3. Message me at

    I think I could help, and would be interested in seeing the research you have done so far.


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