Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Musings on authenticity.1

This what art college has done to my brain.
I see something such as this, and i cannot help but think it might be an art piece. I have come across artists who have done things like this. Left a series of photos about someone in distress, that are completely staged.
They will stick to the narrative completely and either not answer back or keep in character to monitor the reactions of others.
What do others think?.
Is it real or fake?.
It hardly matters really because of the discussion it raises about the notion of authenticity. In the internet age we all share out lives and thoughts, the anonymity, which is a false belief, replaces the confessional. Replaces the talking we would have with friends. We live in a world of disconnection, we do not talk to neighbours since we no longer rely on them for information, for support. We have no common bond, no tv shows we would all watch together, the internet has fractured us from our community at the same time as it has bonded us to a displaced, shifting  online diaspora.
 Why am i looking at this womans life, i have no concern for her, i view her sufferings almost dispassionately. I know nothing of her. Yet at the click of a button i can access her most intimate moments in life.
  Of course it is intimacy viewed at a distance,  we are looking at strangers who open their lives. And as suported by the first paragraph, we are open to manipulation.
People become their own online propoganda.

If you have thoughts, comment. Thanks, i would love to her your views.


  1. Wow you really have gone full fledged art guy..haha...I would just look and move on, but I can see it if I take the time. Yeah the internet has also made us way way more fractured as a community, but then it does create a few new ones, always a positive and negative to it in so many ways.

    1. This is the art education, worthless other than making you always suspect he..could she be.. is that an artist at work?. HA, i remember Marina Abramovic did a peice where she remained still for hours at a time and encouraged the audience to look in her eyes and make their own evaluations of her work. One guy sat down opposite her and threw up huge amounts of purple liquid, all over the floor. She said about it 'the second he threw up, i knew he must be an artist'. ahahah, tells you everything that does.


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