Friday, 24 February 2012

Android sex toy coming soon.-subject to edit.

This is a rough sketch for a larger piece i will make exploring the notion of the morality and free will.
I was watching this film
Cyborg2 starring Angelina Jolie before she was famous, in it she plays a character who is programmed to be a prostitute and an assassin. It is a very simple movie, but the comments below by viewers led me to begin to think about this problem of morality.
Now we could argue that this is just online bravado, anonymity brings out the worst in people because we become separated from the checks and balances of  peer approval.
But i think regardless the moral question the film raises is worth discussing.

Technology is changing, it is changing the way we live and think and communicate. As robotics become ever more sophisticated it is inevitable that someone will build a robot for sex.
We already have these life like passive full sized love dolls.With it's own bizarre fetish scene.
From the doc i watched a lot of the men live with the dolls as wife, they can see sex workers but they choose the passivity of latex. No human interaction.

I wonder about the morality of using a sex doll once it becomes realistic, at what point are you actually condoning sexual slavery?.
Even if the machine is just responses with no recognized sentience, the idea of wanting a realistic rendition of a human that is passive is ugly.

I have yet to find evidence of women using sex dolls in hetero situations.

What are you thoughts on this issue, please leave comments.


  1. To me it is very very disturbing. Just another way for humans to become less connected. I get the whole it isn't complicated aspect bs line they try to spin, but there is something wrong with someone if they have to get their jolly's from a blown up doll or robot. Wait until, if ever, virtual reality comes. These people will create a whole world and never come out of it, faking everything.

    1. yes.The doc was hilarious as well in places. I think one of them wanted to marry his doll.

  2. Once it does reach to the stage of true artificial intelligence and capable of cognitive thought then maybe political correctness may find a way to fit sex dolls into the human species. And that's a bad thing.

    The sex doll industry may just very well be used by forever alones and never feel human touch again. After all, they're the next best thing! /sarcasm

    You might as well call them Paraphiliacs. Hey, maybe that'll be in par with paedophilia in the near future - you never know! :D

    1. There is a pervert for every peversion some more socially harmfull than others. I saw this programme on people who were in love with the eiffell tower, ( must be some kind of aspergers link), or in love with fences. They would steal fences and have sex with them. Imagine being the cop having to explain that to the property owner.

  3. While I do think it's creepy, I also feel sorry for these people. I bet they're really lonely and probably suffer from some kind of social anxiety.

    1. Yes, there is a real loneliness about them. But still, why would you want a passive woman shaped doll?. It is creepy, surely the point if your lonely is to get a relationship(not always a romantic one) going as hard as it can be, ultimately it is rewarding.


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