Wednesday, 1 February 2012

my youtube. with amorphous blob background.

I have made work about the amount of violence on yt  that is without context versus the crackdown on genuine female nudity . The juvenile depiction of womens bodys is something i will be returning to. As an intial attempt to address this, i took the amorphous blob image from the Max Hardcore stendahl syndrome video and made it my background image. The idea being an enlarged image of a breast becomes unoffensive as it is reduced to abstract colours. So we are forced to re think what it is we find so dangerous.

Please visit my yt, i have some art videos on and will be making more. If you have yt, add me and i will always add back and leave  positive comments on your videos.


  1. hmmm interesting concept, I for one don't find them bad to look at, in unblob like form..haha


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